Comandante Major Issue

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#1: Post by Raglo »

I just got the C40 MK4 and it made me realise how bad my MK3 was. I kept thinking it was the coffee but I just can't seem to get a drinkable cup of filter coffee with the MK3. Brews are completely unbalances and lack any clarity, nuance or sweetness when compared the the MK4. I remember the MK3 being excellent when I first got it. I then got into espresso and ground in the range of 8 - 11 clicks for around 2 years and now that I have a dedicated espresso grinder and have been using the MK3 for filter again and have consistently been disappointed. I thought it was the coffee, then my water and a bunch of other variables but it was only when I got the MK4 that I realised the issue was with the grinder. Is it possible that 2 years of espresso fine grinding has altered the particle distribution, making it unsuitable for pour over. I'm super bummed as this is not a cheap grinder and the burrs are meant to last a lot longer than 3 years. Has anyone had a similar experience? I've added some images below.

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#2: Post by Jonk »

How do the burrs look? Can you post a picture?


#3: Post by Yan »

How about post the picture of the burr side by side the MK3 and MK4 or if possible also the grind result...

Raglo (original poster)

#4: Post by Raglo (original poster) »

I've added images of the burrs of the MK3 above. Here's an image of the MK4 burrs.


#5: Post by Yan »

If you switch the MK4 Burr to MK3 Grinder is the cup quality better or same as the MK3 Burr?

Raglo (original poster)

#6: Post by Raglo (original poster) »

Yes cup quality improves when the burrs are swapped but still doesn't match the MK4.


#7: Post by malling » replying to Raglo »

Sounds like a combination of a worn burrset and alignment issues.

Now you don't say how much you grinded every day and with what roast. Yes the time frame do seem relatively short, but these burrs doesn't last for ever and some times you can get burrs with a shorter lifespan than average, if your using lighter roast it's going to reduce the life span of the burrs especially if these are high altitude of african origin I have worn out some myself.

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#8: Post by Jonk »

Interesting. There's no obvious wear that I can see (like if you had ground pebbles or if the burrs rubbed excessively against each other).

But yes, I have noticed some reduction in performance due to slightly dull edges after as little as a couple of years (not with a Comandante, I don't own one.. yet). Not so much wear that it made a significant difference in flavor though.


#9: Post by Yan »

Maybe try to contact them directly based on their website FAQ...