Comandante C40 for espresso, burr seasoning

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This week my MK4 was delivered, i am upgrading from from a 1zpresso JX pro, or at least i thought it would be an upgrade.

I am about ten shots in, not super impressed so far. I was motivated by a lacking in the JX. Any time I tried to push extraction higher with finer grinder the result was astringent aftertaste. I can get good shots (or for me, americanos actually) out of the JX, but i wanted to see if there was more. Especially knowing some reviewers experience the same astringency with the JX.

Good news with the C40, there's no astringency. And texture is really good too. It's easy enough to dial in, I have the red clix, and a tolerant lever machine. But there's almost no character, and a subtle metallic / iron taste, not sure how to describe it. So far I've tried two single origins, a natural Ethiopia and a washed Sumatra, there should be much more than I'm getting.

Ten shots in, maybe I just need to wait for the burrs to be seasoned? After the first couple I did put about a half pound of rice through the grinder, to see if that would help. Maybe a slight improvement, but not a definitive improvement.

The C40 build, I am impressed with. I don't think there's anything wrong with my unit, calibration looks and feels dead center (no wobble, a couple clicks above zero and there's no touching)

I might keep the C40 for drip for now, come back to espresso in a couple months, or thinking about swapping for a Kinu. Has anyone experienced the same? Do I just need to be patient?

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Yep, I just needed to be patient. I wanted to post a reply just in case anyone finds this post later. I'm really happy with the C40 now that it's seasoned. I noticed things started improving 2 weeks in, about 1-2 shots a day. My americanos are balanced and the best part--texture.

I'm curious now, what is actually happening physically as burrs are seasoned, and why does it seem to make such a big difference.

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Seasoning burrs is about two things as I understand it. Minor imperfections will wear off as coffee is ground and most importantly coffee oils will build up on the burr surface. Those metallic flavors were pre oil buildup. Now that they are coated the metal isn't really touching the beans so much and transferring. It's basically having the burrs lubricate themselves.
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Seasoning should go pretty quick with those smaller burrs. Mine was stable after just 2kg so yours should also be good but maybe become a bit better. Trading it in for a Kinu will only give you less good results. I've owned both and the Commandante is far superior as the Kinu has just standard Italmill burrs which are also horrible for pourover.

Just give it a bit more time. You can only gain so much within the smaller burrsets and if you really want a big upgrade you need to go big as in 80mm flat or conical, depending on roast level preference.