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barNone wrote: Even my Ceado E37S with the worm gear adjustment suffers from "bidirectional repeatability": I noticed this when dialing in the zero point, the burrs were ever so slightly touching but when I changed the direction of the adjustment collar the two burrs did the opposite of move further apart and locked together, the upper burr assembly was probably tilting in a strange way where the wave spring inside wasn't pushing up on it. Thankfully going from coarse to fine realigns the top assembly and it's repeatable so I always make sure to dial in from this direction.
Ty for the tip. I plan to get the worm gear, so this is helpful. I'll say the Ceado worm gear looks like a big value add, but seems like a bit of a 'cheat' when compared to the anfim and compak worm gear implementations.

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My monster swiss grinder has no problem with going back and forth, you just need to burn a few grams of beans to clear it out.

The vario is notorious for not holding a grind setting. That was in ~2012 when I had mine. I think they have solved this with metal parts that you can retrofit. Plenty of threads on that.
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