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#11: Post by bdbayer »

I know, this is very much a minority view, but has there been any consideration of the allergen factor in Grindz?

As a person who is gluten intolerant I have to investigate pretty much everything I buy and how it is prepared. It turns out that I can't use Grindz because it is made with wheat. I had to stop going to one coffee shop that used it because of fear of residue remaining in the grinder. If other shops are using please don't tell me, maybe it is all in my head.

Barry B.

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#12: Post by narc »

Anyone used this product?
If it works, how effective a cleaner?
Can you use it too often?
Positives & negatives?
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#13: Post by k7qz »

1) Yes
2) It's OK. (not as effective as taking the collar off and giving the burr set a good brushing with an old toothbrush or the likes, all the while sucking up the stale grinds with a small shopvac. OTOH, Grindz is better than never cleaning your grinder at all)
3) No
4) It's a little pricey. Really though, it's a 5 minute job, start to finish, to strip down my Mazzers, clean and re-assemble. The toughest part is to be sure you've not cross-threaded the collar prior to spinning it back on.

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#14: Post by HB »

Noel, I merged your topic with another thread on the same subject. There's others threads that show before/after photos:

Image Image

Another option is Puly Grind crystals. I have a sample from Michael Teahan but haven't tried it yet. Unlike Grindz, it's an additive. You dump a packet in an empty hopper, add coffee beans, then grind away. That may come in handy for cafes, but I disassemble and clean the grinding chamber/burrs the old fashion way.
Dan Kehn

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#15: Post by narc »

Thanks Dan for the link. Looks like the stuff works and is relatively harmless. I get a little apprehensive everytime I tear apart the Mazzer Mini. Fine threads for fine adjustment? Using Grindz with a few less real cleanings sounds good to me.
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