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jesawdy wrote:Hey, if it makes you happy who cares?
Because newbies and other lurkers take the stuff they read here very seriously. What an experienced reader understands to be "a debatable proposition" may look like the minimum standard to them.
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Agreed.... it is hard to know what is and is not important as a newbie. I was just saying to the OP that if he needs to satisfy his OCD compulsions, he should continue to do so.
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I understand. Posting here on a regular basis is certainly in the Top 10 OCD Warning List.
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lonewolfbefree wrote:Ok, so it looks like I am doing a little cleaning overload. OCD, yeah, I will take that. I guess it comes from the fact that I do work in a lab and I am a Chem major (':oops:') Thanks for the feedback.
I do the same thing that you do to clean the grinder, but only when it begins to smell like old or rancid coffee. As long as a whiff of the doser or hopper is still pleasant, I'd let it go.
I do sweep it fairly clean with two or three clearing bursts and a brush after every set of shots, and I change beans fairly frequently. I haven't noticed a lot of crossover. One of my fave things, though, is to take the last of any blend and/or SO and fill the last shot with whatever I'm switching to, just to see what the two taste like together in the same cup. Most have been odd or boring, but there have been a few winners.
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As I stated earlier, I only take the burrs out once, maybe twice a year for a very detailed cleaning. I have taken the grinder to the garage and hit it with the air compressor before to blow out some of the more stubborn grounds that get caked around the burrs. Just do it outside the garage and do not look down the doser or grinder throat when you do it. I made that mistake once. Sand sized coffee particulate applied to the eyes behind a 90psi blast of air can sting, and turn a white shirt brown. :oops:

I do not have a set schedule, it is more a matter of when the grinder tells me it needs cleaned, look, smell and taste. If I get an oily bean I will wipe out the hopper with a damp, slightly soapy towel and hit it with the compressor, but I am not a fan of oily dark beans so that is very few and far between.
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lonewolfbefree (original poster)

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I am not a fan of oily beans either.

I have found that my best guide to espresso is taste, and I let taste be the minimum standard that I judge by. I am glad to find that I can spend less time cleaning my grinder(s), and that shot taste should not be affected. I make a big enough mess, according to my wife, as she is graciously rearranging the kitchen for my new equipment that arrives on Wed.

I can now apply my OCD to something more productive, like...HB posts. (':lol:')


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Firstly, I am a newbie so take it for what its worth.....

Anyone here have older mazzer major? I have an older major(15-20 years old I think)that is pretty easy to keep clean except for two areas. The inner edge of the lower burr likes to collect a nice ring of compacted coffee and the area between the upper burr and the adjustment dial it's connected to likes to really collect some coffee. Never wieghed the amount but I'd say it's around 4-5gms.

I don't worry about it too much as I think once it gets in there its pretty compacted and won't let any more coffee in. When I do get the urge though I do clean it. Easiest way I've found without taking off the burrs is using and awl(or heavy duty paper clip bent straight) and an unused allen wrench. The awl/paperclip is good for getting the lower burr coffee out, and the allen wrench is good for getting out the coffee stuffed between upper burr and adjustment dial. The 90* bend on the allen wrench proves very effective for this.

Vaccuum said loose grounds as you go and voila, clean grinder. I follow suit like most and just toss a few grams on a new blend. Vaccuuming the chute/burr area keeps my mazzer petty darn clean..