Cleaning a brand new hand grinder?

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I know I'm being extra paranoid, but is there any way to clean out a new grinder? I just ordered a K-max and I'd like to be able to wipe away all the manufacturing chemicals if possible. 1zpresso explicitly says to pretty much not get water anywhere near the grinder, so soap and water is out. I was thinking of using rubbing alcohol but that's just one more chemical added to the mix.


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Perhaps one solution would be to run some junky beans through the new grinder and throw them away. I also think if you took the burrs out rinsed them with water and dried them immediately, it wouldn't necessarily damage the grinder. On a side note, one of the advantages of buying used equipment is you let the previous owners be the sponges and buffers between you and the chemical lubricants, etc. the grinder came with. By the time you own it much of that stuff has probably been absorbed into previous ground beans. But I agree in that I hate the chemical garbage almost every manufacturer puts in their products today and thinks we should just ignore because their products look pretty and have neat features.

Drewskie (original poster)

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Yep, who knows what sort of metal manufacturing chemicals are still in the grinder? And that stuff goes straight into our coffee cups. I was thinking the same thing, that if I clean the burrs and interior parts just once and then dry them in the oven on low heat I should be okay and it will be a Little peace of mind. I'm just afraid to ruin a $200 grinder. Either way I definitely plan on running some old beans through it, maybe even the grindz cleaner.


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I probably would just use a paper towel to dry it instead of the oven. Bear in mind, many 1Zpresso and other hand grinder owners use RDT, which involves a little water, before grinding. So, I think an oven might be overkill.


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"Either way I definitely plan on running some old beans through it, maybe even the grindz cleaner"

Grindz and then old beans seems like a good way to go.


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From my previous experience with several brand new hand grinders such as Lido 3, M47, Apex, C40 I never clean the burr either with alcohol or water, old stale beans and brush are enough.