Change to 64mm burr set in Mazzer Mini

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I've got a Super Jolly Doser and a Mini Doser that I converted to doserless (the Daniel Wong mod). I've got the SJ upper and lower burr holders on order, but I'm not sure whether to get the 189D burrs (for the Mini-e) or the SJ's 33M burrs. I know this has been discussed on this forum and the consensus seems to be that the more aggressive SJ burr set can be used in the 250W Mini if you don't push the duty cycle. Frankly I find that my SJ grinds so fast that I decided for now to hold off installing the DW doserless SJ mod (which I also ordered), though I really like the way it grinds using the doser. But the 58mm Mini burrs seem a bit slow for single dosing with the DW mod. Does anyone know if the Mini equipped with 33M's grinds just as fast as the SJ grinder, or is it any slower due to the lower powered motor...I'm guessing no difference since both turn at 1600RPM...though I thought maybe the lower powered motor might slow a bit more under grinding load. If it grinds just as fast as the SJ I may be better off installing less aggressive 189D burrs, which I assume would grind a bit faster than the Mini 58mm burrs and maybe offer some other advantages.

Thanks for your comments. :)

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Well, I did install the upper and lower SJ burr holders (I got them from The Espresso Shop in England) and have tried both the 33M (I had an extra set on hand) and 189D burrs (had to buy them). Both burrs worked fine in the Mini w/o stalling or other issues, and I didn't appreciate any differences when grinding the same coffee in either one, though I think the more powerful SJ motor may have ground a tiny bit faster. No significant taste difference, as I'd expect. I didn't care for how much faster the grind was in the Mini compared to the 58mm burrs, so I installed the 189D set in the is a direct swap, since the 33M and 189D screw holes are identical and mount perfectly in the SJ and Mini-E burr holders. That's when I noticed some actual differences. The 189D is about midway in speed between the 33M and 182D sets, which I prefer in the Mini. So far I've found that for darker roasts the SJ burrs give a bit more roundness and smoothness in the cup, and the 189D is a bit brighter and sharply defined. For lighter roasts, which I haven't tried as much as darker roasts I think there has been more complexity from the 189D burr set, but I need to experiment a lot more.

One thing I can say for certain is that the DW-modded Mini has a LOT less retention with either 64mm burr set than it did with the stock 58mm set.

Dark roasts, which my taste buds prefer, are unfortunately plagued with static cling, which is annoying to deal with (tapping the DW spout and brushing out the 0.3gm or so that cling to the chute. Not really a problem with lighter roasts in my two modded Mazzers; any advice on how to lessen the static cling with my set up :?:

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Pressino wrote:any advice on how to lessen the static cling with my set up :?:
Does RDT help?

I think the 189D are surprisingly decent for coarse grinds - although I'm guessing you've got a better separate grinder for that purpose. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

Pressino (original poster)

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, after trying both sets in the Mini, I prefer the 189D to the 33M. Regarding the static cling, WDT isn't going to help, since the problem I have with the DW single dosing mods on both the SH and Mini is that with dark roasts I get a lot of fine grinds stuck inside the detachable spout and some at the end of the exit chute. Really only a problem with the darker roasts. Mazzer apparently makes some sort of antistatic grid for the Mini E and SJ, but my machines don't have that and I'm not confident that it would work that well with the DW mod. :(


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Not WDT. I meant this:
I wouldn't think that the antistatic grid is a good idea together with Daniel Wong's spout. For the beans I'm grinding it doesn't even help much in the Mini E. When I had a Mazzer Major the grid was essential to keep grinds from spraying all over the funnel, but at slower grinding speeds it's not an issue at least with the medium/light roasts that I use. There is a bit more need to stir the grounds afterwards without the grid, but I'd do that anyway..

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Wow! Absolutely brilliant recommendation. I will try that the next time I grind a dark roast (I've been using Peet's Major Dickason's Decaf blend...which is my favorite commercially roasted decaf but generates static like crazy)! I don't think I'll need to use the spritzer with less darkly roasted beans, which seem to clear the DW spout with just a bit of air puffed through using the Rocket air blower that came with the DW kit.

And yes, I do have other grinders (all conical) that I use for drip and infusion brewing...for those it's been my experience that conically ground drip extractions generally taste better, but that's clearly a matter de gustibus of which it is said non disputandum est.