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Thanks for your feedback. I like the micrometer adjustment of the Ceado but if the Monoliths are that easy to do a repeat adjustment - that sounds good. It just seemed that the scale was a bit macro. If you had to choose only one Monolith for espresso and also for pour over would it be the conical or the flat - and why?


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KonaViewCoffee wrote:Aloha,
I am also considering the Monolith Flat. The adjustable speed is of interest but I am not sure how important that it in the end. My main concern is that the Monolith's grind size scale looks pretty macro. I feel that it would be a challenge to use it repeatably to switch from pour over to espresso and back.
For absolutely precise micro scale repeatability I think the Lyn-Webber EG-1 has the edge, IMO their metal pin adjustment system is the best there is if you want dead zero precision and this is coming from a Monolith owner. Another plus is that the EG-1 has commercial rating. Of course, you cannot go wrong with a Monolith.
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Aloha All,
I know that thee burrset on the new Cheado E37SD has a titanium coating. Does anyone know, apart from that, if the burrset has been redesigned (from the E37S) to accommodate a wider range of grinds other than espresso. How was grind of the original E37S for filter brewed coffee? My goal here it to find out how the grind of the Ceado E37SD for filter grinds will compare, say with a Bunn G series or a Baratza Vario.

I know I can't go wrong with a Monolith but the wait time may be an issue.


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KonaViewCoffee wrote:Does anyone know, apart from that, if the burrset has been redesigned (from the E37S)
I would like to widen this point to overall differences between E37SD and E37S.

Known differences:
- bellows instead of hopper
- real "Quick Set Gear", releasable for macro adjustments
- coated burrs
- lower rpm
- fixed 30 sec timer (stopping after 40 sec)
- mushroom shaped burr screw to reduce popcorning
- no flapper
- fillet in the exit from burr chamber to chute (probably basic declumping)
- adjustable scale for grind size, magentically hold in place
- detouchable cover of cute
- no portafilter clamp
- some nice-to-have accessoires (sprayer, funnel, dosing cup, brush)

Unknown differences:
- different geometry of burrs?* (does not seem so)
- different geometry of chute?
- any other differences not mentioned before? (does not seem so)

What I dislike about the E37SD is that it is limited to single dose mode - while it should have been so easy to give it hopper mode on top. Just leave the dosing timer in, give it the original adjustable flapper and make the bellows removable.

*I am curious why Ceado show E37SD 100% suitable for brewing but E37S not suitable, if they did no changes to burr geometry. Only because of macro adjustable grind size and missing portafilter clamp? This would be somewhat ashaming :roll:. Information taken from their "spider web" in the beginning of that video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weWKakv18HY


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dsblv wrote:Ceado also added a cover over the spout on this model. Probably to reduce static when single dosing. I single dosed my E37S and didn't have any problems with static. They must be taking extra precautions with this model.

The Instagram clip also reveals that the model will be called the E37SD. The changes from the base E37S look fairly modest. That bodes well for the cost of the grinder.
Hi, i also have a E37S (new model) and i would like to single dosed with it... how do you do it? Any recommendations or things I should be aware of?

Thanks a lot,


#146: Post by leonelbego »

cameronaustin wrote:Yes. I have been using it for a week or so. I hope to post a video soon, but for now I'll share a few impressions.

Output Consistency (corrected from mistakenly using the term Retention) Commonly getting the same weight out of the machine that I put in.

Retention: I opened the machine after I used it for a few days, and there is coffee grinds in the screw heads and some of the other voids in the grinding chamber. Whether these grinds get flushed out with every grind, or stay in there for a long time, I have no idea. The total volume of this retention is much lower than with the E37J.

Static and Distribution - I have been using RDT - and it works well. Fun fact - it adds .1-.2 grams to the "input" weight. I previously used WDT with my E37J, and it hasn't been necessary. I've been pulling shots with a bottomless portafilter, and the shots are pretty textbook visually.

Speed - I haven't actually timed it. But for 18.5 grams of coffee in, I think it is taking about 4-5 seconds, and then the grinder has to "wind down"... which takes a few seconds.

Cleanliness of workspace - You can use the (provided) brush to get (what I've measured a few times to be) .1-.2 grams of coffee out of the spout. The brush is really effective. I have not BTW, been using the rubber spout sheath. If you use the (supplied) cup to catch the grinds like shown in the video, all the grinds go it the cup vs. on the counter. The whole grinding process can be done very neatly (clean).

Dial in - it took me 4 shots to dial in to a 1:2 ratio and a 25-30 second pull, which has been a happy place for the coffees that I have been using and the Profitec 700. I am pretty new to espresso and this seemed pretty fast.

Taste - I can't say that I notice a big difference between the "taste" of the primary coffee I have been using between the E37SD and the E37J. My guess is that folks with a more developed palate might have more insight here.

Moving away from a hopper - this was one of the main reasons that I wanted a single dosing grinder. While the speed of making "the next coffee" with a hopper-based set up is in fact really fast, the pain-point for me was either grinding through (wasting) a bunch of coffee in the machine when I wanted to switch beans or turning the grinder upside down and shaking out all the unground coffee. Those days are gone for me. This machine is a keeper for this point alone - it just fits my usage pattern better.

Worm screw adjuster vs. the slider - as others have reported, the precision of the worm screw is like a version upgrade in software. Just way, way better and insanely incremental (reflective of the design).

Let me know if you have any questions.
This is GREAT!!! Thank you! I bought 3-4 weeks ago the new E37S which I am enjoying BUT when I bought it I didn't know the SD version existed! :( during the week I don't drink too much coffee, during the weekend I do and I like trying new beans and experimenting. I am struggling with how much "waste" coffee I have to do every time I try to dial in. I am also a newbie and maybe not so good/fast as others and therefore I have to purge a lot of coffee every time i make a little change.... are you still loving the fact of no having a hopper? Are you not regretting having the option of putting a lot of beans inside and have it a little easier? (Especially if you don't change too often the beans?)

The store where I bought my grinder are being very kind and giving me the choice to exchange my new 37S for the SD version if I would want to (of course paying the little difference, which would be ok for me). But I just don't want to exchange it to the SD version and then regret it.

What are the negatives or annoying things on this machine if you are honest? Do you have to waste or purge a bit of coffee when you change the setting (finer or coarser)? Or you can just make the change, grind new beans and use those straight with no waste?

A million thank, would appreciate your help :)


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With empty grider throat and chamber (when single dosing) you can dial the grinder any time without purging the coffee, but that don't automatically means, you are spot on with new setting until you make a coffee :wink: . So you probably will try the setting again and again until it's spot on. When operated with the beans in the hopper, you can dial to coarse anytime without motor running, and to fine, when motor is running. There's no big difference in coffee vaste between SD and hopper use, IMHO.

Edit: If compared SD vs. hopper use coffee vaste during dialing, retention in hopper use (previous dial) could be seen as the vaste (if purged out). That's true, but if the retention is low and dose quite high (e.g. I drink double ristretto and my dose is 18 - 20g), the overall influence of the retention (previous dial) to new grinding (new dial) is low, so I don't purge out any coffee when changing the dial.

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#148: Post by Kleefisch »

I currently own E37S. On business days, my usage is 1-2 doses in the morning plus 1-2 in the afternoon. At week-ends, when guests are showing up this can go up to 20 doses a day.

I think this is overall a pretty common household scenario.

While I love many things about E37S, I hate two constant issues:
- beans becoming stale in the hopper
- wasting lots of coffee by purging

Basically, E37S is great when guests are showing up but not well suited for low usage days.

I would be interested in converting my E37S into a partial E37SD. Basically: Removing the flapper (easy), adding RDT to the worflow (easy for me), removing hopper and rubber cover, adding belows and if necessary quick set gear plus rubber spout of E37SD.

Does anybody know if these parts of E37SD are sold as spare parts?


#149: Post by leonelbego » replying to Kleefisch »

Hi :) thanks for your comments!

Just a quick update: I bought the E37SD and I'm loving this grinder! Best decision ever (at least for my needs). See picture attached!

And yes, your retailer can literally find you any Ceado pieces you want/need to.

For example, I also bought separately the small hopper and I put it on my E37SD for when I have guests so I don't need to single dose :)


#150: Post by Kleefisch »

Thanks for your feedback!

Good and first time to hear that E37SD can sport a hopper for those heavy-use-situations. When doing so, don't you get into trouble about static clumping because RDT cannot be applied with the hopper?