Ceado E6P V2 and SSP Redspeed burrs

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I know this topic has been discussed a lot in the past but wanted to provide a little more info that has not been provided before. I have a Ceado E6P V2 and was tempted and took a chance that some used SSP burrs that came available in the buy/sell side of the house would fit my grinder. Why wouldn't they since several retailers said the burrs were compatible with the E6P. I figured the ones who experience fitment issues were few and far between and likely result of tolerance buildup in parts. Well mine arrived yesterday and lo and behold, they don't fit my grinder either even though I thought I could wish them in place but that wasn't happening. I broke out the calipers and had the following results:

The SSP top burr outside diameter (OD) is 2.529"
The stock burr OD is 2.518"
The inside diameter (ID) of the upper carrier is 2.525"
So bottom line is the SSP burrs are .004 larger than the ID they are trying to fit inside or .011" larger that stock burrs.
As I mentioned earlier, there may be a tolerance build-up and maybe some folks have got good results if they had SSP burrs on the lower side of OD or maybe Ceado has poor design with too much tolerance. WLL and other retailers should take note if these burrs are still being sold through them.