Ceado E6p ultimate single dose hack!

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Hi everyone,

I've only made a handful of posts on here, but when I can contribute with something I think will be of use to others then I will try to help.

So, with my newish, Ceado E6p I have found the ultimate push tamper on Amazon that really really does fit like an absolute glove inside the throat of the burr chamber. It was only £11.50 and there is another identical on Amazon for about £40. This is SPECIFICALLY 57mm (not 58mm) 57mm is the size you want, or even 56mm, 58mm is a tad too wide.

Here is the Amazon link to the one that I bought today.

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ymiko-Coffee-S ... 08R66W3WW/

It's a perfect fit, especially because the protrusion of the tamp is only 2-3 mm at most at normal setting. and it looks the business too. Let me know what you think.


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I use a distribution tool like this for my E37s too :D

Benlowen (original poster)

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I used to use a 58mm knock off OCD but it would never sit right, slightly too wide. I have actually just eyeballed the width of the piston the best I could and it actually appears to fall between 57-58mm, so I'd say its probably 57.5mm. The piston in its normal position has no more than 3mm showing and when it sits in the grind chamber, it fits like a glove. I'm not able to push down on the spring loaded piston as that's as far as it will go in due to the gradual taper down to 56mm inside.

I hope all that helps anyone who may be looking for something that fits very very well, looks pretty good and is cheap.


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Is this mod just for aesthetics ? how would that encourage the last few beans out of the chute? Wouldn't some after market bellows work better?


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Along these same lines.....there's a single dose bellows made to fit these grinders on Etsy. I am not affiliated with the person but if you're interested in making this a single dose with bellows....look them up.


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Looks like the tamper isn't sold on the Amazon US site.