Ceado E6P Grinder - Post v2

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Hi All,

I have put in an order for a new E6P and like others have wondered and posted but now those posts have closed, is the newest iteration of the e6p with the touch screen behaving like the older versions?
-Difficulty dialing in due to tiny collar adjustments yielding massive changes in flow rate?
-Difficulty single dosing due to retention?
-Has anyone tried the newer bellows for single dosing - what are your thoughts? Did you try the 58mm leveller/tamper in the throat to single dose or is a bellows required?

I would like to hear from anyone on here that has the newer version and has been using it, what is your experience like?

I am upgrading to the e6p from a vario-w, simply because I like to work with both a hopper and to single dose when its just me :) Can't bring myself to just be single dosing just yet, maybe one day. The vario-w worked great with a 3d printed dosing cup holder to deliver just the right amount of grounds requested. Either with a SD hopper or the original hopper and using less beans at a time to preserve freshness - but alas, the allure of bigger burrs and fluffier doses delivered straight to the PF was just too great.


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I have both atm, V2 and V3. They're pretty much the same outside the touch screen. They're not designed for SD so buying it for that is not optimal. I even like the older version better, coz it's easier to get in(1 screw), without the plastic thing in the collar which the newer one has. That being said, you can make it work.

To make it work for SD you need to:

- remove the clump crusher
- add a metal ring inside to fill the space in the grinding chamber, you can see that ring here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-Fnu7R68Tc (it comes standard with E5PSD). I had it made for me(paid like 10$ for it), since Ceado wont sell you one
- add some sort of bellows
- use the tamper trick while grinding followed by bellows to get pretty much the same dose in and out(with RDT)


- add SSP burrs, please beware that sometimes they don't fit and you will have to do some work to fit them, thou on my grinders they fit just fine out of the box

With that you will have a pretty much true SD grinder with retention of 0.3-0.5 without using bellows and spot on or 0.1 retention while using bellows.

As for difficulty dialing in due to tiny collar adjustments yielding massive changes in flow rate - that's not the case for me, my espresso range is very narrow on the collar - from 0 to 3 (for light or medium roast) but it's still pretty easy to dail in.