Ceado E37Z Hero - exit chute gets clumped

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#1: Post by dweisz »

Hi, all
Many times the exit chute of my Ceado E37Z hero is getting clumped and about 2 grams of coffee just doesn't come out.
I am using medium to light roast and not so oily. I do use the RDT but the beans do not get so wet that it should clump.
I am thinking of getting a better bellow.
I'll be happy to hear your thoughts


#2: Post by blumes »

This is my routine, is yours different?

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#3: Post by erik82 »

A friend of mine has/had the same problem and with him the grind chamber would even clog up completely after a while and he only used light roasts. Ceado still hasn't done a good job fixing it after 2 years. I hope you'll have better experiences with them.