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What I've discovered. I recently bought a used unit sold in jan 2021 by WholeLatteLove, I also got a new upgrade head kit with it for making an old machine into the new style worm gear drive.

I've read most of the posts so I did the burr alignment with the tin foils shims, made all the common mistakes of grinding so small that bean oil clogged the burrs. Tried removing the flap on the exit port, it just shoots the grinds straight out.

Also discovered the head should not be torqued much it warps the the head, on my unit the head touches around center section and not out where the three screws go.

Difference in head design, the original head head had the burr holder keyed to not rotate and was not attached to the threaded brass ring.

New head is not keyed and is screwed directly to the brass ring, so the burrs now turn when adjusting, the backlash control spring was stiffer on the original head.

With the light spring you could see the backlash in the threads as you moved worm from tighten to loosen, I put the heavier spring in and it decreased the backlash.

What I discovered with my open bottom filter holder is that I wasn't compressing my grind enough with my leveler, if the grind easily dents with finger pressure it is not tight enough throwing 18 gram doubles.

With my flow control valve set for 3/4 turn open I like to see 8 to 9 bars pressure at the head.

I single dose, use my tamper to plug the hole, use a teaspoon to WDT my grinds into holder before I level then check for compaction. My leveler has adjustable depth control

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