Ceado E37S just a shade too tall

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Hi all.

I just got a Ceado E37S that's just a tad too tall (maybe 1/8") to fit under my cabinet. The rubber feet are pretty thick, and I'm thinking I can replace them with thinner ones. Has anyone else done this? If so, where can I source them?

I know I could also grind down the bean hopper to make it a little shorter. That's Plan B, but I don't have too much confidence in my skill set to do that.

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Do you already have the "short" hopper? You could cut it down (I documented my work in Shorter hopper many years ago). Orphan Espresso has an aluminum mini-hopper that looks really nice:

https://www.oehandgrinders.com/oe-short ... nders.html
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wtmcgowin (original poster)

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I do have the short hopper. While that single dose hopper is really nice, I like a hopper that can hold a pound or so of beans, as we go through it pretty quickly.

Cutting down the hopper may be an option-I just am worried about my skill set on that one. Thanks, though!

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If you know someone who does tile work (or even woodworking), they could probably cut it down in a few minutes.
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From the looks of my Ceado maybe you can just remove the feet and replace them with rubber or felt pads.