Ceado E37s is a nightmare

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Can anyone please tell me what's wrong with my brand new grinder?
You can see from my YouTube video, the motor is working burrs are spinning, but nothing is coming out of the chute. Later on i found the dispensing hole before the metal flap is jammed. I cleared the jam and and it jammed up again on the next try. I repeated the process many times. It is working on the coarser setting, but it is jammed before reaching acceptable espresso grinding size. It just flows like a tap on my Lelit Bianca. Can somebody tell me what to do please. Very frustrated at this point.


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I had this same exact thing happen to me. It was so frustrating, I almost almost sent it back.

What worked for me was cleaning the burrs. Since the chute wasn't letting anything out, the burrs had gotten so caked with beans they were no longer grinding. (I may have exacerbated or caused the problem by starting out too fine, too.) I used a hard-ish brush on all of the teeth. Once the burrs were clean, I started dialing in from a coarse grind and everything worked out fine.

The E37s has been a champ ever since.

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Glad to hear that yours is working fine.
I did everything as you described but still the burrs caked up when i go to the finer settings. Thanks for the advice!

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Looks to me like you don't have the hopper installed. This kind of grinder needs the weight of the column of beans in the hopper in order to properly feed the burrs.

Take it apart, clean it out. Put it back together. Install hopper. Put beans in hopper. Probably a good idea to keep at least 100 -300 grams in the hopper. Grind like a champ.

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I only took the hopper off to demonstrate the issue. The grinder jammed up even with beans in the hopper on.
Sent back to the dealer.

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MTN Gert

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What kind of coffee are you using? If you are running decaf through it you may not be able to run fine enough before issues occur. Oily dark roasts can crumble/dust and stick at fine settings too. I'd also make sure to start fresh with a good vacuum of the grinding chamber, chamber exit, and chute in case there is a slight blockage. Hopefully a different bean will help. So far the only issue on my E37s is stalling on light roasts before it gets fine enough for proper extraction. Good luck!
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I have an e37s, had the same similar/issue. It was a nightmare to diagnose what was actually just user error...

...what was happening was I was adjusting the grind size while the grinder was not running. Now I can run any roast level essentially with zero issues. DON'T adjust the grinder without running the grinder if there are any amount of beans in the system.

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I tried all kinds of beans. All the way from light roasted Gesha to dark oily beans. The grinder just wont grind any beans at finer settings with beans on the hopper. Seems like some fellows here have the same issue. I guess the only solution is to change the OEM burr to SSP.

Some other issues i would like to mention are the motor/burr get quite warm which is not ideal, and the dispensing hole before the flap also gets clogged up easily.

Can anyone recommend some grinders around the $2000-2500 range. I am considering Mahlkonig E65S...

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You may want to check out this thread for the short list of end game flat grinders:

James Hoffmann's $$$ single dose flat burr grinder reviews [VIDEO]

A few people asked why the Ceado wasn't included. In the end I just don't think they are made to the levels of tolerance required for the alignment of the burrs to be consistently near perfect. Which is the role of the grinder. The rest is up to the burrs themselves, which is a whole other discussion.

You aren't alone. There are enough people complaining about issues with the top tier Ceado's that I crossed them off my list. They seem to either be overpriced or underperforming. Take your pick.

A friend bought a 37sd and owned it for less than a month. His old Vario beat it on consistency and taste on every shot I had pulled on his Cremina.

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I have watched the video you suggested.
P64 is the only grinder that falls in my price range, but the wait time is so long.
Thanks for chipping in the discussion. I will definitely look for other brands.