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foam2 wrote:I have the e37s and the lagom and can tell you they are both fantastic grinders. I single dose exclusively (without the hopper on the e37s) and do not have problems with either grinder. I typically adjust the ceado after the grind for the next one so to speak but that grinder has by far had the fluffiest grinds of any flat burr grinder I own. The ceado is built like a tank and I would guess if the motor is getting hot the grind chamber is packed or facing some type of restriction not typical. I have also never stalled this grinder either so again something isn't right. I would look for a restriction somewhere that has potentially been overlooked. Take apart everything, use a brush and some compressed air and try to clear out everywhere coffee can travel on its way out of the grinder. I don't know if this helps but maybe if you rdt it could lead to grinds caking? Hope this helps please keep us posted.
Hi Foma2,
thank you so much for sharing your opinion. I completely agree with you on the fluffiness of the grinds. When the grinder is working, it did produce some of the fluffiest grind I've ever experienced. However, i do prefer light roasted beans and my brother likes his dark oily beans. We are talking about the extreme opposite, so I guess this is a very challenging task for any grinder out there. That being said, when i am paying $2000 for a grinder i expect it to be able to handle this kind of task or else i wouldn't spend this kind of money on a coffee grinder. I have also tried everything the vendor suggested (I bought from I drink coffee.com) and they even said I did everything right, i cleaned the grinder throughout at least 10+ times with brush and vacuum.

I will definitely post an update once I receive my Lagom P64.

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mamba24 wrote:I have a different issue.I am hoping to see if anyone can help me. As my kitchen renovation is done today, I can finally test out the E37s that I got a few weeks ago. It seems that my extraction is running extremely fast even as the grind size is at 0. 18g in 36g out in 18 seconds. I have taken it apart clean the burr with vacuum and brush. Still the same. Any help will be appreciated
The number scale is magnetic and is easily moved. You should adjust until you get the burrs to just touch and use that as your zero point.


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I had a similar issue with my first few tries. It would get clogged to a point where it wouldn't grind any more until I go way coarser and pass through a few more beans. My mistake was that I was single dosing, and not running the grinder before dropping the beans.

My running theory is that the default burrs get pretty tight at the inner diameter when set for espresso, and can pull in too quickly when the chamber is already full with whole in-tact beans. I'm guessing SSP burrs which are much higher won't have the same issue, like they don't show popcorning much.


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I had this clogging problem on a new to me grinder and it turns out the burrs were misaligned like 2 coins in a crooked stack!


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I too had many of these problems. Returned the grinder after two weeks, waiting on refund. Disappointing for such a highly touted unit.


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Can anyone confirm the new E37S has a magnetic dial I can set the number to zero when the burrs are touching? mine doesn't look like it can turn.


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I bought mine in Nov and that's how it works. I don't turn it, though. Just lift it off and reposition it.

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Mine has the worm gear adjustment. I can unscrew the top burr but cannot reposition the number ring only.


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the magnets are pretty strong with mine. I can't turn the number plate unless I lift it off completely and stick it back at the new zero position.


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How do you lift it off, with some tools?