Ceado e37s for pour-over?

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#1: Post by savagebrood »

I have found myself in possession of 2 Ceado e37s grinders. I may sell one but I love them for espresso so much that I thought I'd ask if I can dial one in coarse enough setting for a v60 or Chemex? I tried yesterday on the one without the worm gear but even at the coarsest setting it's quite fine for v60. Is there a trick that can get me to make it grind coarser? Anyone done this?


#2: Post by Cedo »

I only have the unit with the worm gear and I don't remember having any issues with coarseness for v60 with the original burrs, although I only tried it a few times as I mostly used it for espresso back then. I currently use it mostly as a pour over grinder with ssp brew burrs.

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#3: Post by buckersss »

I don't drink pour over, but to me it seems you are missing some information here. What burrs are you running in each?