Ceado E37S and Lesbrew Bellows Hopper Replacement

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#1: Post by asv_halvis »

Hey folks,

I, for the most part, am only pulling 1-4 shots per day out of my machine. That said, I prefer to grind beans on a single-dose basis as opposed to keeping a bunch in the stock hopper. With that in mind I was researching the best way to use my E37S as a single-dose grinder and came across this blowout bellows hopper (https://lesbrew.coffee/product/single-d ... eado-e37s/) by a company called Lesbrew Coffee out of Malaysia. This would definitely do the trick.

Does anyone have experience with this product (even if not for the E37S)? Does it do what it claims - i.e. convert the grinder to a single-dose grinder with no retention?

Appreciate any feedback!

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#2: Post by stevier »

I use it daily on my e37s and it works great! Took about 2 weeks? to arrive in the US from time of order.

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#3: Post by buckersss »

That looks nice. I was going to buy one of theirs for a different grinder but they don't take PayPal.

Otherwise the standard ~$20 Ali express bellow with the detached lid fits on my ceado. I have to push/tuck it in a bit, so the fit is a bit tight. It works well for the price though.

For what it's worth I think the ceados are pretty good with retention - just slow coming down the metal chute at times. I have removed my declumper. The bellows helps with that last little bit.

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I put a bellows on a Ceado e6 and as long as I clean the chute I'm near zero retention,I don't like leaving beans in the hopper,not going through the beans fast enough for that,Kelly
Got mine off Amazon ,aluminum base really good quality .