Ceado E37k versus E92 - Improvements

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Hi - I own a ceado e92 grinder. Ceado has since released an updated version called the Ceado E37k.

While I am very happy with the grinder (fast, quiet, low rpm, fluffy grinds) i do find the lower burr chamber holds a lot of grinds.

Is anyone familiar with the changes made to the grinder in the newer version. I was looking at the parts diagram and seems like the grinds sweeper and lower burr chamber may have been redesigned.

Appreciate anyone willing to share their knowledge. Thank you!

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I don't have either of these. However, I found after I upgraded to the worm gear - from the slider - on my Ceado 83mm, it is a whole new grinder.

On the flat burr the upgrade piece is available for $300usd. It doesn't look like it's available for the conical burrs on the E92 though. There is $1400usd difference in price between the e92 and e37K. I'm not sure I'd say it's worth it, but I will say that I found the slider unusable. Perhaps it can be loosened, or loosens up with time. I didn't wait long to find out. Do you find the slider hard to operate on the E92?

Also, any chance you would be willing to either: take a picture of the bottom of your E92, or identify the max current draw in Amps on the bottom electrical label? Ty!

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That is certainly good to know.

I will look into whether or not I can upgrade to the quick set worm gear (i believe it is possible but have not confirmed).

i have it in storage right now so cannot take a picture of the bottom but will do so and share when it comes out of storage. I will say the grinder is VERY quiet, grind VERY fast, but is still somehow on lower end of rpm vs competition.

I think the lower price on the e92 is just because one or two retailers are clearing old inventory. Think i paid more but cannot remember.

Thank you for the response!