Can You Upgrade Grindmaster 800s with Ditting Burrs?

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#1: Post by BrettShel35 »

I've been searching for an answer for this forever, so if anyone could help, please do! I'm looking to do a "Bunnzilla" type mod for my Grindmaster 835 (I believe all of the 800 series have the same burrs except the 890). I'm hoping to fit them with the Ditting 804 Lab Sweet burrs, and potentially using that adapter ring.

I've scoured the internet looking for answers, and even posted about it a few times and get nothing.

I spent my day meticulously measuring with calipers and illustrating diagrams of the dimensions of the stock burrs, and I'm posting them below in hopes that someone can help. Even if they don't have one themselves, maybe this info will be useful.

I hope this helps. I know the Ditting Burrs are 80mm, and these stock burrs are larger, but I wasn't sure if that mattered, as long as the adapter ring worked (or if I'd have to find some machinist to make one...), and whether or not the inner diameter of the Ditting's outer burrs matched. And if all the screw holes lined up.

Thanks to anyone who can help!