Can anyone tell me about this grinder?

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Doing a little attic COVID cleaning. Came across this grinder that was gifted to me many years ago. anybody know anything about it???


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You might be able to get the specs on it by calling the numbers on this page:

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Looks like a good old Fiorenzato T-80 a workhorse of grinder back in the days
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ronncat (original poster)

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Thank you!
Stefano to the rescue again :)

It's been acting as a rafter weight for probably 20 years. I will have to find something to do with it eventually...

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Yes, it's a workhorse of a grinder & the T80 I had is still going strong these days, I gifted it to my nephew and it has been in use daily for 15 years and I had bought it well used!
I performed some mods on it and they were pictured and documented here, I removed the doser and made a single dose spout for it. Also the oem burrs were 63mm,
since it needed new burrs and I also had a Super Jolly I thought it would be best to put 64mm Mazzer burrs in it.
I had access to a lathe that along with sizing it for the Mazzer burr it also trued up the cast burr carrier so it was quite a well aligned grinder, very fast too.