Can anyone identify these SSP burrs?

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I'm trying to get 58mm multipurpose SSP burrs for my Wilfa Uniform. As far as I know, SSP don't actually make 'multipurpose' burrs in the 58mm size. Instead, they make 'brewing burrs' in the 58mm size - which are almost identical to multipurpose.

However, the item description in the link above reads 'multipurpose' 58mm burrs, yet the item image shows a burr with a pattern that looks more like the high uniformity (or espresso-focussed) SSP burrs.

I sent an email to the company who have said they'll look into the image, but they also say if it says 'multipurpose', it means they're 58mm multipurpose burrs. I'm skeptical about this of course, because as far as I know 58mm SSP multipurpose burrs dont actually exist...

Can anyone identify the burrs in the link above?

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iDrinkCoffee has been good for me to work with here in the US and they are a site sponsor.

I'm guessing they are the SSP burrs for the Mazzer Mini ... part_idx=1

58mm SSP burrs for F4E, Mazzer Mini, etc.

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Hey, in that case I'm guessing they would be no more unimodal in grind profile than the stock burrs that come with the Wilfa Uniform (which are already Mini Mazzer 58mm flats if I'm not mistaken) - so it would be pointless to 'upgrade' to them?

It's confusing because multipurpose burrs in the 64mm size are known to be pretty unimodal (they're almost identical to SSP brewing burrs) whereas multipurpose burrs in the 58mm size are shaped like the SSP high uniformity burrs and are likely not nearly as unimodal in grind distribution...


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Maybe check out the coffee chronicler on swapping to SSP burrs on the Wilfa uniform:
There is also a video where you can see the SSP "58 mm brewing burr set" he got. They look very much like the 64 multipurpose burrs and not like the picture you linked.
Edit: and if you check on
and click on Buy now: the 58 mm option they have is labeled "brewing Wilfa Mini"

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Hey yeah, thanks I've seen that post and video - but now the 58mm brewing burrs don't seem to be available anywhere...


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Yes, they are also sold out on
I guess only your supplier can tell which version they have :wink: