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#21: Post by wachuko »

In short... builds muscle for espresso.... easy to use for anything else.

I have not used it much as I gave it to a friend that has been waiting for a Sette 270 he ordered for his Gaggia....

When I did the test, it took a long time, compared to my Helor 101, to grind for espresso...... outside of that, for coarser grinds, it is fast.
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#22: Post by Bluenoser »

yeah.. have read the Timemore C2 is not great for espresso as the range of settings is too small.. and too much work.. . too bad.. seems only the Lido, C40, Kinu and maybe a Knock are good for espresso..

Just used a friend's Kinu Phoenix to grind 18g.. butter smooth.. great machine.. but $350 here.. well worth it if it is used a lot.. but I'm only looking for an occasional use travel espresso grinder..