Bunnzilla - worth it?

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#1: Post by tom_mcgov »

Hey all,

I'm seriously considering acquiring a used Bunn G1/2/3 and some Ditting Lab Sweet burrs. (On that note, if anyone has either of those things, please let me know!)

My question is whether or not this is worth it. Should I simply opt for a DF64 or invest in a burr set I hope to use into the future?


#2: Post by atreuhttam »

I'm in the same boat. I've got a few local leads on cheap Bunn's, but I'm torn since there are so many great 64mm burr options out there and more on the way. I only do pour over with no intention to ever do espresso, and I can't find a solid evaluation of how the DF64 is for pourover.


#3: Post by culturesub »

I had a bunzilla that I customized. I ended up selling it to get a Forte that I had aligned. I sold that to get my Flat Max. I only do pour over, and each step was a pretty big step up for me.


#4: Post by mtbizzle »

What I hear is that an aligned Bunn G with SSP burrs makes good filter coffee.

The DF64 aligned with SSP multipurpose / brew v1 burrs makes very clear filter coffee, which some people like.