Brew - Ditting cast vs Ditting Sweet vs 64 SSP Unimodal vs 98 SSP Unimodal

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What would be the difference in the cup between these options, for brewed coffee?

1. Ditting cast burrs inside some grinder (like a used Bunn aka Bunnzilla).
2. Same as above but with Ditting LAB Sweet.
3. DF64 grinder with SSP Unimodal burrs (assumign it's well aligned) or a Lagom p64 with same burrs.
4. Ultra grinder with 98mm SSP Unimodal (or a lagom p100 with same burrs).

I assume the budget difference between all these options would be quite drastic, and I was wondering what would be the difference in the cup? Someone recently told me the 98mm unimodals will not be as good for brew as ditting cast. I brew exclusively v60 and Clever, w light roast Ethiopia or Nicaragua coffees. I like acidity and fruitiness, and I dislike bitterness in the cup. I never taste sweetness in my home cups, only coffeshop cups (they have an EK). My assumption was that 98mm in the EK do the magic, and something like ultra or p100 is the way to achieve that at home, but now I am wondering if the whole premium espresso-oriented design is something that could be matched by the ditting cast or lab sweet?



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I have not tried any of the Ditting burrs yet. I have used a Lagom P64 with Unimodals and found them very clear/clean for brew but boringly so, not really enjoyable to me, especially with V60, maybe OK with unfiltered immersion like a french press, it was fine for cupping.

I'd swap out the SSP 98mm High Uniformity for SSP 98mm Cast on my list. I have H.U. burrs, had them in my EK for espresso but now have a Lagom P100 on the way so I have yet to try them at lower RPM and horisontal, but I suspect they still will not beat my standard new EK43 burrs for filter.

I think the Lagom is a fine grinder, but as a brew only grinder I'm not sure it's worth the price with the current burrs, I liked it better for espresso than brew. I almost found the H.U. better for brew in it as it wasn't as ultraclean as the Unimodals. For brew only and if you want 64mm you could get the Ode, try the stock burrs first, and get the SSP later. You might be disappointed with SSP for brew.

I do hope they will make a 80mm Lagom, to compete with Ditting and EG1, could put either Lab Sweet or SSP burrs in it. I'd buy one.

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maxmaut (original poster)

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Thanks, I am just wondering what difference in the cup there is going to be between the ditting burrs and unimodal SSP. Watching youtube and reading stuff online I've got the impression that 98mm unimodal SSP is where it's at for filter, but now people say ditting is going to be much nicer.

In terms of a 'platform' for 80mm dittign burrs, anything except the Bunn or Ditting grinders that can fit them?


#4: Post by Eiern »

You can put Lab Sweet burrs in the EG-1 and I believe there is a 80mm carrier for the Ultra grinder as well.

What I have heard is that Lab Sweet gives a balanced cup, with blended flavors, and the machined SSP options gives clarity of flavor with little body. The H.U. has very fast flow and it's very easy to get dry bitter flavors tainting the brew.

There are several threads with information here if you dig, comparing grinders and burrs, check the 98mm brew burrs thread, and Lab Sweet experiences threads, SSP experiences, Lab Sweet review on youtube.

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EG-1 is a little out of my league price-wise. I am reading a lot right now on the lab sweet burrs. Seems liek a way to go for my taste preferences, but I am still detabting SSP unimodal.


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Unless you can find a really good deal on a used Bunn/Ditting/EK43 I think it's a no-brainer to try the 64mm unimodal SSP first and see what you think. Or perhaps even better, like Eiern writes, buy a Fellow Ode and try it first with the stock burrs. Whatever you choose should be an upgrade if you're currently using a Baratza Encore.

Currently drinking a cup made with the 64mm unimodals. It is very, very clean like Eiern says and I feel that you need the right kind of beans to provide something interesting. Even from the same roastery, some work better than others. But for the price I think it's very much worth the money and you get a grinder that is made for home use.

maxmaut (original poster)

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Thank you both for the suggestions. There is a Bunn avaiable locally, I think it's the G1 with the 220V which is what we use in the region. I am sort of tempted to get it and get the new ditting sweet burrs and try myself what they taste like. It's either that or the G-iota in this price range it seems. I know my coffees quite well, and I know what I like about them, and I certainly would like a little less bitterness/roast flavor that slightly resembles burnt wood flavor to me, and I'd like more sweetness. I think the word SWEET in the ditting's mmarketing really got to me.

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#8: Post by bwidjaja »

Let me chime in since i recently went through a little bit of searching grinder that I am happy with for filter coffee.
Previously i had used Baratza Virtuoso for quite a few years and fairly satisfied.
When upgrade-itis hit, i tried Baratza Forte BG, i was not able to discern significant upgrade in taste for the price.
So on I went to try the Lagom P64. And like the poster above did not find the cup quality as good as i thought it would be. Clean, but boring.
Most recently, i acquired Fuji Royal R220 and has been pleasantly surprise how enjoyable the taste coming out of it.
Buying new, I would say be ready to shell out ~$1000 to include voltage converter (just to be on the safe side).

But i think from here, the only way to improve quality is to go to EG1 with Ultra Burr, Ditting or EK43; anyone of which will be twice or three times the price.
Hope it gives you another perspective.

maxmaut (original poster)

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Thank you for your reply! Fuji royal has the 'ghost teeth' burr, right? I was looking at them before I saw hoffman's review where he preferred stock Ode burrs to it.

I am heavily leaning to the Lab Sweet burrs at the moment. "Leaning" after reading internets however, no prior experience with these burrs, and no way to find em locally to taste, but for some reason I feel they will match my preferences overall.


#10: Post by ethiopianbuffman »

I know my coffees quite well, and I know what I like about them, and I certainly would like a little less bitterness/roast flavor that slightly resembles burnt wood flavor to me, and I'd like more sweetness.
I think if you are chasing sweetness, you essentially trying to chase clarity to let you experience that sweetness. From my research, I have found 3 burrs at the top of the pile: Shurikens, Ultra, and Lab Sweets. That will get you half way there and the other half will be your technique to extract all that sweetness.

(Someone may chime in here with Bentwood, but I haven't read/heard enough to see if they are really that good)