Breville Smart Grinder Pro fineness issues

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#1: Post by jdelliott88 »

Does anyone have experience with the Breville/Sage Smart Grinder Pro?

I have one and cannot get it fine enough for espresso without it locking up on me and going into a safely clicking mode to keep me from ruining the burrs. I've gotten close to fine enough but can't dial it in.

I've removed the outer burrs and thoroughly cleaned everything. I've also adjusted the outer burr to a slightly finer setting (an 8 ) than the factory 6. However I cannot get above a 6-7 in the LCD fineness setting without it seizing up.

Anyone else have this problem?


#2: Post by Oldsubman »

The upper burr setting of 8 is coarser not finer than 6. Also numbers above 6-7 are also coarser. I am able to grind at 5 on the lower burr setting and factory default of 6 on the upper. I have heard of someone going finer so am not sure what your problem may be. Try adding the beans with the grinder running and adjusting finer while grinding and see what happens.When setting a new finer grind, always adjust from a higher number (coarser) to a lower number (finer) with the grinder running and adding beans.
You might also remove the lower burr and completely clean the burr area. You could have a small pebble or hard bean binding the grinder when trying to go finer. Yes, pebbles have been found in beans. NOTE: The cap nut holding the the lower burr on the shaft turns clockwise to loosen.