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#1: Post by Saga286 »

Hello, new member here. I have a Breville Smart Grinder Pro and it tends to make a mess when grinding into a portafilter. I have looked into getting a dosing cylinder to help but I am not sure if they will fit properly. Does anyone have any experience with using a dosing cylinder with this grinder?

Edit: I have been looking into getting - ... _2540.html

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#2: Post by randomorbit »

Are you using the correct size portafilter holder?

I used to use that with my Saeco Aroma, and then also with my Gaggia Classic. I ground straight into the basket, but I do believe I needed to use a different sized holder with each model. Both allowed hands free grinding into the portafilter, and while there was a bit of mess I don't think it was excessive. I don't have it any more, but I'm not sure that funnel would fit on top of the portafilter when uysing the portafilter holder on the grinder.

Also what size dose are you grinding? I'm not that sure about the Dedica, but I expect it won't hold more than about 14 grams in the double basket.



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It's a 51mm portafilter, 14g of coffee. For the most part it grinds mostly into the portafilter but as it ends the cycle, the grounds tend to spill over as the mound gets taller. I am using the correct holder.

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#4: Post by randomorbit »

Pretty much the nature of the beast. You can pause it and shake the grounds down, that will help somewhat. The funnel would definitely help if it would fit. With the PF inserted, measure the distance from the top of your PF to the lowest hanging part of the grinder to see if it would actually fit.


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I used the SGP for two years with the BDB - it is a deeply crippled espresso grinder, incapable of getting fine enough for most single origins and light roast blends. You need not jump from it to the EK as I did, but I realize now I would have saved myself a lot of grief using it for pour over or aeropress and waiting until I could afford a high-end grinder before going for espresso. The Sette or Niche are the minimum I would recommend for espresso.


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I bought the SGP for pour over and drip primarily. I do plan on getting an epsresso grinder in the future.


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Breville used to offer free shim kits to allow their smart grinders to go finer. Those tend to make the grinds clumpier, but there are things you can do about that.

I wonder how many people bought SG and SGP with their BDB over the years thinking that they were some sort of matched set because they look like a matching design theme?

Nevertheless it's a shame because the BDB can make espresso quite literally as good as any machine out there at about any price. You (the proverbial you), should pair it with the best grinder you can afford. There are many savvy BDB users with $3000 Monoliths. That is quite the formidable pair right there.

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#8: Post by Bret »

When I used my SGP for espresso, I ended up not using the portafilter holder attachments at all. Way too messy and lots of waste.

I got one of the taller style cylindrical funnels that sit on the PF, and just held the PF in place during the grind -- worked nicely.


#9: Post by luvmy40 » ... UTF8&psc=1

The dosing ring in the link above fits in the SGP with the BDB portafilter.


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Just found this on Amazon: ... f491b61fbf

ETA: Should have looked closer. It says "Not for Breville Grinder"