Break in period for new grinder burrs

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I've recently bought a new pair of grinder burrs to my Super Jolly (The 33D OEM factory manufactured). Is there any kind of run in period for such blades? The burrs I've had on the grinder before are 3-4 seconds faster than the new ones, and i can't understand this variation? It takes 11 seconds to grind 19 grams of coffee with the new burrs.
I've also had a problem with previous burrs taking up to 16 seconds to grind 18 grams of coffee, but i suspect though burrs for being the Mazzer Mini burrs?
Anybody had any "problems" with new burrs? How long do your Super Jolly take to grind for a double?

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It would seem there can be a break-in period for new burrs. I would expect things to have settled down in perhaps 5 pounds. FWIW a set of conical burrs I had for a Robur almost doubled their grinding speed with a little break-in.

Cheers, Chris

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the quick reply. On my darkroomtimer i already sense a little faster grind speed. Around 10 seconds. I would believe they will hit the same grinding time as the previous set.
Still, it would be fun to hear what speed other Super Jolly grinders grind 18-19 grams of coffee..
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I do agree that with the Robur in particular, grind time will change once it's been broken in. Why, I don't fully know. I'm presently grinding the same dose a full second faster than a few months ago when it was brand new. Not sure if this applies to other grinder or burr combinations since all the other grinders I've owned did not have a doser-timer.


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I've never checked grind time but my zero point always changes when I replace burrs - even if the old ones aren't terribly worn.

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Just out of curiousity, how do you grind/dose? Do you just grind until you have enough coffee to fill the basket, and then manually turn off the grinder? I'm using a darkroom timer to be consistent.


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OleHaubjerg wrote: Still, it would be fun to hear what speed other Super Jolly grinders grind 18-19 grams of coffee..
Bring 'em on!
I have a rather new Super Jolly and it takes it around 19 seconds for 19 grams of coffee. It seems slower that any of the timings I have stumbled on.
Christian B.

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FWIW, a 46 month old Mazzer Mini E which has 64 mm burrs that are SIMILAR to the Super Jolly does 15 grams in 15 seconds. This grinder has the original burrs and has had ~200 lbs of beans down its throat. Moving the adjustment ring one graduation coaser resulted in 16 grams in the same time period.

To the best of my knowledge, I have not seen any reference to "breaking in" by any grinder manufacturer.

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My SJ from 2003 grinds 18gr in 9 seconds with the stock burrs.
The SJ burrs however are not the same as the Mini E burrs. The burrs have triangular flats around the rim, Mazzer Mini (ref. nu. 189D) have 56 and the Super Jolly (ref. no. 33M) have 58. I bought some Mini E burrs by accident and could not believe how slow they were (18gr = 16 sec) until I realised the difference between the Mini E and the SJ burrs.

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I thought i bought the original blade as i wrote in my first post. The Super Jolly OEM (33D). Is this difference (2 seconds) in grinding speed the difference between 33D and 33M? I cannot find the blades named 33M in any shop?