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Before you showed the link to coffee hit, I believed there were only two types of OEM blades for Super Jolly. Type 33M for Single-phase (M=Mono) grinder and 33T for Tri-phase grinder (see I just bought 33M burrs a couple of weeks ago and I still have the plastic wrapping if you want to see it. I have no idea if there is any difference between the D and the M burrs are. Interesting question - maybe others could chip in?

Edit: When Google'ing Mazzer 33D I do see alot of burr offerings referring to that exact ref. number. When searching for Mazzer 33M it's mostly ads for the Super Jolly grinder itself, with a reference to the burrs (33M-33T).

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I've made the same searches on the internet and cannot solve the problem my self. I can only see that the 33D burrs are listed as "Mazzer factory burrs", and are the same blades Phaelon Coffee is selling on eBay. Maybe he knows the answer?


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I actually sent him an email about it.

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The only semi-plausible answer I have seen floating around is perhaps the 33D is intended for rebadged (Rio, Astoria) models?


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I got message back from Phaelon Coffee. They changed supplier and the Super Jolly burrs went from coming in with cardboard blister packing labeled 33D to a sealed plastic packing. The latter was in fact the burrs I received labeled 33M. So I guess we are no further to knowledge on whether the burrs are different. I have attached pictures of the 33M burrs for you to compare with the 33D.


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I just had word back from Mazzer about the mystery.

Mazzer wrote:
"Dear Sir,

Today ref. for the grinding blades for Super Jolly single phase is 33M.
In the past the grinding blades for Super Jolly single phase had ref. 33D

Best regards,
Luca Maccatrozzo


So they are in fact the same burrs.

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Thank you for the great research Sonne. As always a help! I think the difference in grinding speed is about two seconds though. But know I know the history behind. Maybe i will go for the Duranium burrs instead of letting this little difference bother me.