Board size for mounting HG-1 Prime

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I'm wanting to mount my new HG-1Prime on a wood board for stability and mobility. I haven't been able to figure out whether the board needs to be bigger than the existing footprint of the grinder to improve stability and if so how much bigger. I've seen the clip on Craig Lyn Studio's website of mounting the grinder on a board, but there's no commentary or indication on whether the demo uses the size of board shown for reasons related to grinder stability, aesthetics, or simply availability. Informed advice welcome.
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Don't do that. Having the board smaller will make the grinder more unstable. Making it the same size will only make it taller and thus more top-heavy also making it more unstable. Bigger is better but it'll slide if you don't put feet under it.

Look in the original HG-1 thread as I used a Able2 ati-slip mat (there's an link for americans in there as it's called different their) underneath the HG-1 I owned and it was like glue. And you can remove it .

Here's the video:

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Ah, thanks Erik. With your prompts I found this thread about the HG-1 and gel mats.
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