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SteveRhinehart wrote:video
Thank you very much - I was looking for that one too for quite some time!
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Coming from a Vario 54mm ceramic burrs, and Eureka Specialita Steel 55mm burrs, going to a DF64 with 64mm burrs and Monolith Flat with 75mm Shuriken LM burrs.
As you go to a larger flat burr grinder I find there's more clarity but also less body and bitterness for espresso anyway, sometimes it feels 'weak' to me but great if you enjoy drinking a straight shot without any bitterness.
I've also tried the different 64mm SSP burrs (Espresso high uniformity and Multipurpose unimodal (v2)), still experimenting with them but I think compared to the stock DF64 burrs, they produce less fines, it basically starts getting a little more clarity and less bitterness and body, they kinda go right in order you'd expect. Stock DF64 burrs, espresso burrs, Unimodal burrs, then Monolith flat LM burrs, in order from most to least body, and least clarity to most clarity. But compared to Specialita and Vario even with the stock burrs the DF 64mm burrs are a pretty big jump and offer good clarity. Sometimes i do miss the body (and maybe even some of the bitterness) those produce. So I might actually prefer the stock burrs to the SSP Burrs usually.
The unique geometry of the Shuriken LM burrs in the Monolith does seem to bring out the sweetness, limiting acidity and bitterness bringing out best in many coffees even if the coffee isn't great, or you grind too fine or too coarsely, it makes it easy to get good results. They're very forgiving. Once dialed in, the 64mm SSP burrs are very close though!

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The difference between a 64 and 98 is small when everything else is equal and you would need to know the difference before being able to tell them apart. Use a 64mm SSP Unimodal and a 98mm HU it becomes even harder. As Hoffmann have states in some of his videos we are hunting diminishing returns, so when some state this is better it's because we subjectively like the very slight gain in for example sweetness, clarity etc. But objectively it's not better it's just mainly different, the main difference will still mainly be the bean and the roast.

Personally I prefer 80-98mm flat (preferably cast) because I like it's profile, how it is to work and because I generally find them more consistent, but it's not to say these are objectively better because these are not better from a pure taste perspective.

Neither conical nor flat, nor seize differences make one objectively better then one another, it just give slightly difference in how a coffee is represented, it doesn't make a well brewed coffee objectively better. Unless you have used and tasted each extensively you would probably not be able to tell which is which like Hoffmann do in his videos.

Also you need to do triangular test.