Bezzera BB005 conical grinder

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I had the opportunity to play with the new Bezzera BB005 conical burr grinder. I've compared it with my Vario grinder and a Eureka MCI from a friend.

The BB005 uses a universal 100 Watt motor and 48 mm conical burrs. These are quite a bit larger than the Trespade burr set. It rotates at 900 rpm. Compared to the Lux type grinders this one is far more civilized. It's not that loud and there are not much vibrations. The fit and finish is okay but no more than that. It's a decent steel box but doesn't reach the sense of quality of the Bezzera espresso machines. The Eureka grinder has the best fit and finish of the three by far.

For the looks and specs of the conical Bezzera grinder see ... &prodid=41

Dialing the grind settings is comparable to the Ascaso grinders. That means infinite control and one has to make more than a hundred turns to switch from espresso to press pot. So it's definitely an espresso only grinder. The Vario is more convenient in this regard. And the Eureka as well because it's dialing knob is less sensitive.

The grind results are in my opinion remarkably good. There's hardly any clumping and no static issues of any importance. The clumping is on the same level as the Vario and much better than the Eureka. That grinder clumps quite a lot. The static is even better than with the Vario! Maybe this is due to the large metal spout. It doses smooth and nice in the center of the porta filter. With both the Vario and the Bezzera WDT is not necessary to avoid channeling. With the Eureka the naked porta filter reveals signs of channeling when not paying close attention to distribution! I don't know if this is also the case on a less sensitive E61 like machine.

And the most important thing: Taste in the cup! Both the Vario and Bezzera grinder emphasize the floral aspect more than the Eureka does. These grinders seem to produce less bitters in the cup as well. The Eureka has an edge as far as body and earthy tones are concerned. Interestingly, with the Bezzera grinder taste is more developing and different aspects are showing up in layers of taste whereas the Vario produces a complex taste right from the beginning to the very end. At least this is what a friend of mine and I have concluded. The taste profile of the Bezzera resembles that of my old Lux grinder. One last aspect I cannot explain: With the Vario I find myself continuously changing grind settings both from day to day and from bean to bean; and sometimes the grind setting is suddenly completely out of target! With the Bezzera (and the Eureka) nothing of this at all. Only one or two turns plus or minus when changing beans. The Vario is far less stable in this regard!

Conclusion: Great grinder! Compared to the Lux type grinders far more civilized and convenient. Compared to small flat burr grinders like the Eureka richer taste and less clumping. Grind quality in my opinion on par with the Vario. Even better with regard to static issues. Even a Malabar is nearly free of static with this grinder! If only this grinder had the same fit and finish and quality feel of the Eureka...

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Bas, it seems the americans here are also not interested without pictures :)

Or the americans aren't interested since it isn't for sale in the USA at well known vendors.
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First post here, so forgive me if I wax on for a while.

I have been using cheap home espresso machines for the last 10 years. I move often, (9 houses and 3 countries in the last 10 years) and have been generally unable to take my machine with me, so cheap it was. Current machine is a DeLonghi I have had for the last 4 years. It works fine, but does not produce excellent coffee.

I have a new job starting in a different city in southern China starting in August, and thought I would treat myself to a nice machine and grinder. In 1999 my supervisor had a La Pavoni and I have lusted after one ever since, but given my nomadic lifestyle I always held off. No more!!

As I am currently in China the best way for me to buy is on the Chinese version of the unmentionable online shopping site, which I guess is also unmentionable. I have bought a lot of imported stuff off it over the last 6 years I have been in China, and had only one problem.

So there is a La Pavoni Professional at a very attractive price, and I was talking to the vendor about a Rancilio Rocky, and he was recommending a Bezzera BB005 as a better option.

I have read the review above but am wondering if I can get some other opinions on this grinder?

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For the money it's a great grinder that easily outperform the Rocky. It's nearly on par with a Mazzer Mini E with SJ burrs although much slower. The grind setting is really nice and can be set stepless with very very very small steps. One full rotation of the knob is less then half a number on the Mazzer scale.

The only downside is it's plastic and loud, but almost all small grinder are loud. The grinds also need some redistribution for a good extraction. Tastewise it's really good.

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#5: Post by espressotime »

To my knowledge it's made made out of steel.
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yes no plastic but stainless.
although thin sheet.
great 48 mm burrs.
best value for money to my knowledge.
highly recommended.


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The outside of the grinder is indeed stainless but I meant to say it feels very plastic. It's still the best bang for your buck in my opinion. It's nearly on par with a Vario for a fraction of the cost.


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I would say at least on par!
vario has better ergonmics en almost zero retention.
but BB005 shots have slighly more body and extractions are less prone to channeling.


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I bought a BZ07 PID & BB005 set, for my son in law, and was quite impressed by the results, specially with North Italian roasts, that yielded very nice espressi and cappuccini.
I found the results in the cup very pleasing and consistent, much better than I expected.
I would need a blind cupping test to identify any difference with a high end grinder, and the timer works well enough (once the beans are dialed in with the help of scale, of course) for dosing, as to make the use of a scale optional for normal use.


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Just the thread I was looking for!

I'm using the BB005 to pair with my expobar e61 office leva. I'm looking to upgrade my grinder and it seems that the Baratza Forte and Mazzer Mini E are the next two. Anyone any opinions?

I'm watched prima's and SCG's review comparing the two, but i'm only afraid the brats might not stand the test of time or a continuous service for pop-up events I do time to time.

Posted here too!:/advice/is- ... 35276.html

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