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A lot of people seem to be saying the quamar m80e is pretty much close enough to mazzer and nearly half the price ... ic-grinder. Maybe look into that one.

Would you mind giving a review of the BB005? Not much out there on it.


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Grind quality wise the BB005 spanks the mini e unless you put SJ burrs in it.
Both in taste and extraction.
Far more forgiving and less prone to channeling.
Build quality wise the mini e spanks the bezzi of course.
My opinion and experience with both grinders.

The forte will deliver the same results in the cup as the vario but has better build quality.
Nice flavour separation but lacks a bit in body.
Great ergonomics.
Again just my opinion.


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The BB005 is a pretty good grinder. It's my first so I cant benchmark it to anything else.

The stepless settings are done using a small knob, which makes it possible to make very very very minute adjustments. Making changes for a particular bean does not stray much, so honestly, knowing my grinder, a turn up or down makes about a 1 second increase or decrease in extraction time.

However, to get from one grind to another, it's a pain. Which is why I'm considering to get a Forte, however, I am on the fence now if it is a substantial upgrade or should I go for a more sturdy grinder like the Mazzer Mini with SJ Burrs.

The BB005 I feel, though built with stainless steel, is lightweight, but reliable nonetheless.

The burrs do heat up a tad if I'm pulling 10 continuous shots. Hence, I'm not too sure how much the Forte would.

Finally, my biggest qualm of the machine, the ease of cleaning. Without any guide, the first time i took it apart, it took me about 30 mins to figure out without breaking anything. Now. about 15 minutes for the whole process. I dont have any Grindz, so this was my only option.

Perfect as an espresso only grinder, but I'm looking for a sturdier, easy to clean and adjust grinder.
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There are better choices for the same money as the Mazzer Mini E, even with SJ burrs. It's clumpy, static prone, messy and a pain to adjust.

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