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I realize there are some older threads on this grinder, but they are closed now. I am reviving the topic because the BB005 seems to be available in 110v in limited numbers in the USA now.

I have used a BB005 for the last couple of years in Europe. The grind quality beats any flat burr grinder under 64mm that I have tried. This is not a surprise. A few years ago, a table was published on HB (I can't find the string right now) that gave equivalent grinding surface areas for conical and flat burrs. 48mm conical burrs are roughly comparable to 64mm flat burrs and offer more grinding surface than flat burrs in the 50-50mm range. The burr set and micrometric adjustments in the BB005 make its output comparable to the Casadio Instaneo at a fraction of the price.

Conical grinders usually produce fluffier grinds as well. The BB005 is no exception. Zero clumping.

One of the biggest positive points is the price. Nothing under $400 comes close.

There are some negatives: it is noisy and tinny feeling. Some people love its looks, others hate it. It has the distinctive Obel hopper perched on top like a water tank. However, it does match very well with current Bezzera machines. It uses a 100 watt universal motor - again, nothing near commercial standard, but fine for somebody who makes a half-dozen espressos a day.

The biggest negative for H-B members in the USA has been availability: nil. This frustrated me to the point of contacting Bezzera and offering to become an agent for US distribution a couple of years ago. Their response was to point me to a Canadian company that does not actually carry the grinder. For one reason or another, it seems Bezzera produces a 110 version but has made it unavailable to the 110 volt world.

I have noticed a few being grey-marketed through Amazon and Ebay. Anybody looking for a great entry level grinder or a step up from the Rocky, Tre Spade or even many of the Baratza models ought to consider the BB005 if they can find it.

PS: I have no association with anybody who produces or sells the grinder - I just think it is a really good value!



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I bought the BB005, no timer version, two weeks ago. Too little time to give a good review. And too little experience on my side, I was used to hand grinders.

I found it on ebay. I googled the name of the vendor and it was a store a few blocks from my house. Not that it means a lot, but at least I could scream at somebody if something goes wrong or save the expense of sending it back. I ended up using ebay/and paypal anyway because I prefer the additional layers of protection.
I guess they had the 110v version for selling to Latin America, a common thing here in South Florida.

I don't find it that noisy. At least not compared to the alternatives I was on the verge of buying (Lelit PL53 or other 38mm Trespade conicals).
The adjustment is very precise. To go from local roasted 'third wave' beans to an italian blend, I need to turn that little knob several times. No clumps in general, and what might look like a clump, disappears with little shaking of the PF.

Aesthetically, it is ugly. A steel box with a hopper shaped like a lego figure head. The logo is on the back. I'm thinking about removing the plastic hopper and figure out how single dosing.

I have no association with the company that sold me the grinder.


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I have a Pasquini Lux grinder which might be the same thing, rebadged and perhaps a little better looking.

The grinder has been great, used it for the last 6 years without any problems. ... ee-grinder

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The Pasquini looks to be another version of the Lelit PL53, which I have been using for awhile now for morning capps. Who knows what's under the Bezzera skin, tho the adjuster is in the same place.

I rather like the Bezzera, reminds me of a prop from the first year of Star Trek. Would be tempted to install blinking LEDs and cheezy sound effects.
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realdoctor (original poster)

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Pasquini is a member of the Lux, Nemox, Tre spade tribe. As far as I know, only the BB005 uses the bigger 48mm conical burrs. The Bezzera is a real step up in grind quality from the smaller burr set - including the Baratza models that use small conical burrs.


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realdoctor wrote:Pasquini is a member of the Lux, Nemox, Tre spade tribe. As far as I know, only the BB005 uses the bigger 48mm conical burrs.
Um, IIRC, the Trespade burrs are 48mm; the Baratza conicals are smaller. The Trespade burr home grinder is an Italian "genre," like the 68mm commercial conical. The reason just about every manufacturer uses it for their entry level home grinder is that it works so well. Grind speed and noise are issues with these grinders; but the shot quality is not.
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Has anyone purchased these on eBay from espressoperfetto in Düsseldorf? Anyone carry these in USA? Thanks!

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Idrinkcoffee carries them, but they're currently back ordered. And they're based in Canada.


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Thank you for the information!

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Np, I just added a direct link to the IDC page.