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-I have a Mazzer Mini with a doser.
-The Mazzer Mini is a decent single dose grinder from my experience.
-It depends on the coffee and the dose.
-With medium to dark roasts, its fine.
-If you are grinding for a dose above 14-15 grams, its fine.
-It will NOT do well if your single dose is below 10 grams.
-You can keep it relatively clean, if you want to be safe, grind 1-2 grams before to "clean out" older coffee.
-Put your tamper on top of the throat to help with pop-corning.

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Jaroslav wrote:Also, keep in mind that Mazzer makes new burrs for Super Jollys - 233M. I haven't tried these yet but allegedly they're slightly better than the older 033M version.
I thought I'd give an update on this - I've just received the 233M burrs today. Boy, these are fast! I've put them into my Mazzer Mini A, 0,5kg of old beans later dialled in at 7 seconds for 18g of light-medium roasted washed beans from Kenya. I actually have the same coffee in my Mini B with SSP HUs, these need 2 seconds longer for the same output (both grounds amount and espresso recipe). The HU and 233M burrs are actually very similar in taste and texture, I'm pleasantly surprised. The vibrant fruity notes pop a little bit more with the HUs, but the 233M aren't far behind! They are exactly the same texture-wise. Not bad for a 40€ burrset.

Here are the stock 189D and new 233M burrs side by side.