Best setting for breaking in new grinder burrs?

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Warrior372 wrote:Here is a blog write-up on this exact topic from a former WBC champ / very recognized roaster James Freeman. Many of the people who follow this blog are renowned baristas and roasters. Many chimed in with the same sentiments as James Hoffmann, supporting his distaste for this exact topic 'Unfinished Burrs from Grinder Manufacturers'. ... facturers/

Considering as a group they see, test and purchase many more machines, let alone burr sets, than 99% of the people who participate in forums, such as this one, I would have to assume they know much more about this topic firsthand than any of us.

Many of the shop owners chime in saying they needed to run about 50lbs of beans through the grinders every time they install new burrs to 'finish' and 'preseason' them. Mazzer's burrs were no exception with many of the comments pointed directly at the Robur.

From New Wega Max 6.8 (Compak K10) - Need beans to season the burrs... lots of beans!
Is there a particular best setting to season new burrs with? Fine/coarse?

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haunce wrote:Is there a particular best setting to season new burrs with? Fine/coarse?
Got your K-10?

Set it to fine. Finer than you'd use for a ristretto. Just be careful not to set it too fine and grind your own burrs.

Try to use hard beans for a better seasoning.

No need for more than 10 lbs. IMO.

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haunce (original poster)

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Yep, thanks mate.

Exactly what I did. I dialed fine until I just heard the burrs touch, then back them off a little and thats what I've been seasoning at.


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As a side note, Mazzer now sells Roburs with seasoned burrs.


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Did anybody notice their K10 needing seasoning? I was kinda surprised at how consistent it was from the start. I bought my Macap m4d a little while earlier and found the seasoning period quite noticeable and quite long, but did not notice any such period at all with my K10.

One of the characteristics of conical burrs seem to be their consistency compared with flat burrs. With a large conical you grind a specific amount and you can almost predict the outcome of the shot. Apparently this is somewhat less so with flat burrs, and you need to change grinder settings more often.
So I wonder if conicals might also be less to prone to inconsistency during the first period of use than flat burr grinders? (of course could just be that I just got lucky with my k10 having been tested with a couple bags of beans by the distributor :D )

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As a side note, Mazzer now sells Roburs with seasoned burrs.
LMUSA's published words verbatim:
We just wanted to share the news that as of now--EVERY Mazzer Robur grinder that we ship out will come with pre-seasoned burrs - so save your old beans, rice, whatever else you were using to season these guys; it's now a thing of the past.
It would be so beneficial to know WHAT the process was, WHO actually did it (LMUSA or Mazzer?), and some nice pics of the same burrs BEFORE/AFTER "seasoning".

Eric S.
E-mail: erics at rcn dot com

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Warrior372 wrote:As a side note, Mazzer now sells Roburs with seasoned burrs.
Compak K10 Fresh comes with seasoned burrs too.

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You need to break in grinders? Why not just use it to grind coffee beans, and enjoy.

If it's a coffee oil thing, I'd think it would be coated in coffee oils after the first use.