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#1: Post by LewBK »

I often see comments here about the latest and greatest new grinder, and, then, inevitably, a certain amount of disappointment and buyer's remorse when it doesn't turn out to be quite as hoped or expected. I was wondering if there's a grinder that's been around more than five or ten years that people still love and think is tough to beat. What is your favorite oldie but goodie and why?


#2: Post by STG »

Vario with brew burrs / forte chamber.

I'm keen on looking for a 80-98mm if I can actually convince myself there's a difference for brew. But a lot of people out there are really happy with theirs for brew and espresso, oddly enough. It gets a lot of high praise.

If I end up keeping my Vario, I'd be glad using it for a long time into the future.

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#3: Post by Surrata »

I've really been enjoying my Bunn G1(upgraded SSP burrs) for pour over. I think it's hard to beat a used one if you can spare the space.

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#4: Post by pizzaman383 »

I think the 83mm flats likr Mazzer Major are solid and can use SSP burrs.
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#5: Post by Marcelnl »

I guess that my Mazzer Major is around since the eighties, it has been upgraded with SSP burrs and a 10 dollar timer and likely needs that timer replaced way before the motor dies or the burrs need changing.
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LewBK (original poster)

#6: Post by LewBK (original poster) »

I've heard good things about Baratza grinders before, but I didn't know people were retrofitting Varios with Forte chambers. Interesting. I also wonder now that Baratza has been acquired by Breville if things will change quality-wise. The Mazzer Major sounds good, but I imagine wouldn't fit under a normal height cabinet. Or have some modded that too?

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#7: Post by BaristaBoy E61 »

We still like our original grinder, the Mahlkonig K30 Vario. It's solid, never given us any problems and despite what's said about it we find it good for single dosing with acceptable low retention.

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#8: Post by Carmd1281 »

My Compak K10PB is 7 years old to me and the model has been around much longer than that. Works like a charm and very little maintenance over that time.
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#9: Post by caeffe »

The Mazzer Flats and Conicals come to mind. I've had my Mazzer Major since 2007. It's still going on the original burrs although my setting has slowly shifted "left" over the years - probably time to get a new set (been saying this now for some time)

Flats: Mini, Super Jolly, Major
Conical: Robur, Kony - I'm not sure if there were only 3

The Titan Grinder Project will give you a good review of real OG grinders that some of the new kids on the block are based on: Titan Grinder Project
And for the Super Jolly class : Ceado, Mazzer, Quamar - Commercial Espresso Grinders

The Niche I believe is based on the Mazzer Kony (63mm) and its conical burrs while the DF64 is loosely based on the Mazzer Super Jolly (64mm flat) and its flat burr.

At one time the Mazzer Super Jollies were quite ubiquitous since Starbucks cafes had these along with La Marzoccos and when they moved to their SuperAutos quite a few ended up on the used marketplace (ebay, CL, etc..)

The Mazzer Major without it's hopper will fit under standard US kitchen cabinets - at least mine does. I use it single dose style but I still have the doser. Feed it 1 or 2 shots worth and you're good to go.... I do have to use a brush to get some grinds out of the chute so I can call it "low retention". The interlock collar loosely acts as a hopper for me - I think it'll fit ~40-50g in there, closed. I'm somewhat suprprised that that Lagom or Monolith didn't use 83mm burrs for their burr but I'm sure there's some engineering trade-off when using 64 vs 83mm flats.
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#10: Post by boshk »

It would be interesting to see how all these 'new grinders' performs long term.
I had my Mazzer Mini A for 7 years, it has been rock solid only requiring a burr change and it was right back at it.
I hear some guys are still using their 15+ yr old Mazzer grinders.

No disrespect to newer brands/models, wonder if these will be a workhorse and last over 10+ years

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Rocket Fausto's
Mahlkonig's (I see a lot of shops using these now)

Guess we will see in 2031 haha, if this forum is still around