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I have also been incredibly pleased with my Vario + Ditting burrs. I can't really imagine it getting better for home use in terms of grind quality and consistency. It seems like a no brainer for the price.


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I must be the odd-man out, didn't notice any difference with the burr change in the vario.

I did find a grindmaster 500 locally that was in like-new condition for super cheap. It's ginormous. Great coarse grind for kone and fp. Difficult to "fine tune" the drip grind without disassembly, but results cups at default are still not too shabby. Besides size, other issue is that it is messy.


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I think the difference is more apparent at coarser grind levels. IME the Vario is no slouch with the ceramic burrs for v60. The metal burrs made it that much better.

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another_jim wrote:At the brewer's cup this year, half the competitors skipped the supplied Guatemalas and used their own Varios.....
Jim, Potentially a stupid question here, but for the competitors that you spoke to that used their own Varios did you confirm they were all modified with the steel burr set or were some just using the stock Vario?

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I didn't confirm the steel burr. They used the Vario because they were familiar with it from their own brew bar use, and knew exactly the flow and taste they would get using it. I assumed that meant the steel burr; but it could be some had the ceramic burr.
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