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What's in the base, nothing?

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Power supply, control board, and a couple fans in the pedestal.

The fans are apparently temperature-switched on 230 V units and always on for 120 V ones. It is straightforward to unplug the fans.

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I saw on GHBS website the BZ63 burrs for sale....
What I am wondering is if i can retrofit them into one of my 64 mm grinders. Something that uses 64 mm SJ burrs and Fellow Ode (v1.1) burrs.

Anyone know if the mounting holes are the same as SJ burrs? I know they screw in from the back, so I would just use the mounting holes in the carriers to mount these.

Just thinking out loud,
if anyone has info first hand or info from Bentwood about the burr dimensions.
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LewBK wrote:Why are some of the best grinders always gigantic? You'd have to build a separate coffee shed or addition to your home to house this thing. Also, I wish grinder manufacturers would state how tall their grinders are without their hoppers and what the height would be with, say, a single dose bellows.

Totally sympathize with this. Unless you have a dedicated espresso bar, most of these titan grinders will never fit in with the aesthetic of a modern kitchen. With custom short hoppers you might squeeze one under a cabinet but everyone will always wonder "what is that thing, some kind of industrial juicer?"
I think this is another reason why Monoliths do well. Yes, they have an industrial look, but they are small compared to the competition.