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yeah, it isn't as acidity forward as SSP burrs, much more balanced, but not in a boring way. I have only brewed V60s till now, my kalita filter papers were really bad this time, and they clog no matter what (even when I sifted out the fines), so going to buy a new box, and start brewing with the April dripper, too. I usually do a 40g bloom, followed by 2 pulse pours to desired weight, 15:260, I use cafec abaca filters, and I am grinding between 350-450 microns. espresso feels like it's on cheat mode with this grinder.


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That's around my range although I'm more on the 400-490 with 18g doses. Burrs calibrated to chirp at 0 rather than lock. What are you cupping on? I actually don't do much with now but I have the facsimile subscription and I will start more very soon. I usually judge my roasts or new coffees with an aeropress. Coffeemichael recipe of 14-210 but with a 4 minute steep using the prismo. 300micron for that. Maybe a touch fine depending on the coffee


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oh, my burrs lock around 10 microns after the zero point, and they chirp at at 10 microns, so a difference of 20 microns between chirp and lock. For cupping I like to use a fine grind size, so I am between 300-400,too. I don't brew with an AP, so can't speak much on it.


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Bentwood is gonna be available from this month in USA now for those who missed the news ...rumor is 2.8 K


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First shipment of BW V63 should be coming to USA customers at the end of August or beginning of September.


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Some observations after the first few days:
- Very sturdy feel, less vibrations than Ceado
- Super fluffy grounds
- Accessories: nice brush, crappy portafilter stand, crappy portafilter funnel/ring which is too thick and sits too deep in the basket. No cup, no spray bottle, no bellows.
- Fantastic near-zero retention with improvised bellows

RDT benefits from 2 sprays rather than 1. All numbers are with RDT and without the declumper.
After it's vacuumed, the first grinding retains 0.4g, no bellows used.
Subsequently, all grindings retain 0.2-0.3g without bellows, and 0.05-0.06g with bellows.
No need to sweep the chute (unlike Ceado)


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I was wondering if any of the mid term users had observations they could share on this grinder?
Is it still punching above its burr size? Is it an interesting alternative to the Lagom P-64, or is there more to it than just a 'well aligned' 64mm ish grinder, is the auger the difference? Actually what RPM does it grind at, is that adjustable?
How does the auger work as a pre breaker?

Thanks for any inputs folks.


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(Some nice pictures here)

I'll have one of the first few BW V63 coming to the US next month hopefully. From what I've been hearing through other channels is that the BW has some magic going on. Burr size really doesn't matter. It's the combination of the type of burr, the pre-breaker/augur, and the RPM that gives it the unique flavor profile.

You don't need to do anything to it. You don't want to change or tinker with the grinding mechanism because it's designed with a purpose and meant to leave it that way.

It's not an alternative to the Lagom P-64. It's probably going to cost twice that in the US. So it's an alternative to the other 98mm titan grinders. Bigger burrs are not better. They're different.

From the US Manual it idles at 1400rpm.

Someone from the UK recently tried it at a shop and ended up buying it and prefers it to his EG-1 that he's been using (core burrs) for both espresso and filter.


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Thanks for the reply.

Someone from the UK recently tried it at a shop and ended up buying it and prefers it to his EG-1 that he's been using (core burrs) for both espresso and filter.

Is this UK case posted here, or on another coffee forum?
Moving on from EG-1 is a big statement through purchase.


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Moving to a new grinder based on one shot is not a statement, it's a risk. It might well pay off, but I wouldn't be changing my opinion on the BV (or any grinder for that matter) merely cause somebody had a nice shot and purchased one.