Bentwood Vertical 63 -- Single Dose Modification Suggestions?

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Hey all,

The Bentwood Vertical 63 looks like my perfect grinder...Almost. The only issue for me is the hopper. Since this is for home use, I'd prefer a single dose setup with bellows, much like Brian Quan and Lance Hedrick have demonstrated ( and However, when it comes to things I put in my body, plastic really bothers me, so their 3D printed solutions won't work for me. Is anyone aware of an effective single dosing workflow modification for the Bentwood that doesn't involve 3D printed plastic? Could I just remove the hopper and put the beans directly in and use a bellows like ... 2629231842 ? Or is there a more elegant solution?

Thanks everyone, your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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It might be worth contacting Torr Toys as they make glass hoppers for single dosing:
I also sometimes see small steel single dose hoppers on Etsy and Aliexpress.

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Bellows work very well for single dosing, with or without the declumper in place. Light RDT is required at my location and with light-roast coffees to prevent the grinds from sticking to the end of the chute and piling up. Place something over the hole behind the front plate if you're going to use any kind of blower. Some use a Giotto (photo) blower to help clear the auger. I use a DF64-style bellows and the Aspektek as seen here.

As the top surface of the grinder is curved, a direct-acting bellows isn't possible. The Giotto might work without an adapter. I use Nate's adapter for the DF64-style bellows. If the printed nature of that bothers you, there are food-safe epoxy products available.

Amos98 (original poster)

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Jeff wrote:Place something over the hole behind the front plate if you're going to use any kind of blower.
Could you clarify what this is about and how you'd suggest doing it?

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When you remove the control panel, it is pretty obvious. Unplug the grinder. Remove the goofy black "loop" between the output chute and the control panel with its single screw. The front panel rotates a fraction of a turn and comes off toward you. Be careful of the wire harness at the bottom. Disconnect the harness at its connector. There's a 1.5 cm or so hole in the middle of the plate, behind the three-arm spider that mounts the control panel. Remove the three Philips head screws for ease of access. I used some clear packing tape. The slot in the spider goes horizontally on reassembly.