Bellows hopper hack (Urbanic)

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Good morning... I wanted to let the cheaper grinder users like urbanic know how to make their own single use bellows. I went to Home Depot and purchased a (this is important) "NEW" accordian type plastic toilet plunger. I unscrewed the handle and cut just the end off of to open. I then cut above the large unfolded section before the funnel shape and currently using the OEM lid untill a better sized one is found. Works well for me. After seasoning and cleaning I ran 15 gm. Of beans thru and got out 14.9...could have been the scale too. I hope this helps someone else also found out that urbanic is selling bellows hoppers in korea and will substitute if least thats what they told me after mine was already shipped.


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Good info about the bellows.. I have just had the 070s Urbanic for about 2 weeks.. I find the retention inconsistent. I aligned the burrs and grind mostly for espresso. I find there is a bit of fine coffee that packs in the bottom of the chute area before it gets to the burrs. I've measured this to be about 2g. I've got a makeshift bellows and at times it would move some of this out and others times not any. The pour over grind has less tendency to pack and stay. Now I am doing RDT and that may contribute to some of the espresso grind packing at the bottom. I like the grinder; but I find my retention even with bellows on my unit can vary from -1 to +1 g.. That's not too bad.. just means I weigh before and after grinding.


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Chuck12345 wrote: plastic toilet plunger.
... vs insecticide bellows many Mignon owners use.
I don't know what's worse. :mrgreen:

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Ya I see that way in the back behind the feeder grooves...some of the grounds must be jumping back thru the tension spring. I will work on that too, maybe some sweeping bristle just at the end of the feeder?

Of course this was after the break in grounds for me. I cleaned the burrs and that must have kept my single dose accurate (filled up that void first)

I also pick up some of the fines on the two wiping arms.

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Yes...I knew I was going to get some of what this hopper was originally intended for. :lol:
I was just excited to find something that worked this well without too much work and readily available to most.
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Here's what mine collected after only about 4 espresso grinds at a setting about 2 units from touch (for espresso). I weighed about 2 grams. One time I had even more finely packed in there to the point where beans would not feed. A bellows won't blow all that out. I clean weekly. Today about 5 grinds after clean I put 17.1g in got 16 out. Even with bellows. That area is just prone to fine grounds packing in there. Not unlike many of medium end flat burr hopper grinders I think. While my MC3 consistently gives me within .2 of what I put in. I also have found the opening/chute prone to partial clogging on espresso settings.

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Wow... That is a lot. Can you feel or hear the air fron your bellows? This might help you too...nylon bristles glued in with food safe silicone thru a very small hole on end of the feeder groove


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This is a disposable flat to decide if I like the taste of a flat burr. I am finding the grinds fluffier. And I do find it brings out the acidity a bit more. I notice just a bit of play in my shaft and that will affect the alignment of the stationary burr a bit. It does give me an appreciation for the precision of the expensive flats.