Baratza Vario W Problem?

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My Alien Life

#1: Post by My Alien Life »

Just opened the box and began use this morning.

It looks like there are lights for Start/Stop, Presets 1 2 3, and Tare.

The only lights (or what looks like lights) that light up is the Start/Stop...

If I push the presets - No lights... Are there supposed to be lights for the Presets 1 2 3, and Tare?

Also, I assumed I could just hit Start/Stop (without first hitting presets 1-3) and it would grind until I hit Start/Stop the second time. No. I have to hit a preset button, and then it starts and stops fine.

I look on YouTube and I do not see lights other than Start/Stop...


#2: Post by makspyat »

The preset buttons don't lit up on Vario-W. Baratza put in Vario ancient and cheap (as always) power circuit board that is not capable to support more lights. So this is not a bug.

Now, Start button turns on if the difference between displayed weight and the weight of stuff in the grinds catcher is bigger than 0.

In other words, if you grinder displays 24, but you already pre-ground 15 grams to the grinds catcher, Vario would do the math and grind remaining 24-15=9 grams. When you start grinding with an empty grinds catcher, and you select something like 15grams, Vario obviously grinds the full amount.

The preset buttons only set the display to their preset value, saving you from pressing arrows for too long.

Oh, yeah, the display must be on, or Start button does not work. You could press Start twice, first time turns the display on.

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My Alien Life (original poster)

#3: Post by My Alien Life (original poster) »

Thank you

That seems like a pain if not a design flaw. There were no instructions in the box. It works nice..

I thought I'd be able to plug my portafilter in there but no...

Who out there is making a 3D print adapter?


#4: Post by makspyat »

You may dump coffee from the grinds catcher to a portafilter through a dosing funnel: ... asin_title

My Alien Life (original poster)

#5: Post by My Alien Life (original poster) »

I'm well set up with dosing funnels etc..

Is there a perfect grinder? I'm done looking. It grinds well now that I know the subtle design flaws..