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I don't have the metal chamber yet, but yes - it should be machine screws (M3x12) instead of basically wood screws in the nylon chamber.


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Profound_Merc wrote:I pulled my Vario apart today for the flapper mod, it worked a charm. Can anyone confirm if the forte lower chamber has different Phillips head screws to the plastic Vario one? I don't want to get to the point where its in pieces to find out im missing 4 small screw :oops:
Metal Forte chamber screws on left (I'm missing one screw), plastic Vario chamber screws on right

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leterell wrote:Outta luck since I'm in Europe, no chance of getting the renowned baratza rebuild.
I live in Germany and got the parts from BestBrew. Nice guys.

You'll need to email them directly and request the parts. They'll send you an invoice so you can do a bank transfer and then send the parts.

1067 - Threaded Upper Burr Carrier (Rev. 1.2) Shorter Wings
1024 - Metal Threaded Grind Chamber (With Bushing)

You may also want to get a couple lever knobs in case you break a connector pin when removing them.

8050 - Vario Lever Knob

I would recommend getting 10 M3x12 hex head bolts and 10 3.2mm washers to replace the 4 philips head bolts that connect the burr chamber to the motor plate, the 4 philips head bolts that connect the motor plate to the upper body and the 2 philips head bolts that connect the back of the upper body to the lower body as well as 2 M5x12 hex head bolts for the motor. Use the star washers as well as the 3.2 washers where they were originally used too. The motor plate/burr chamber holes are too big for the M3 hex head bolts without the 3.2 washers fyi.

I bought the bolts here...

1.00 x M3 DIN 912 A2 - 70 Zylinderschrauben mit Innensechskant
ID: 200583
EUR 1.92 12 mm - 50 Stück

1.00 x M5 DIN 912 A2 - 70 Zylinderschrauben mit Innensechskant
ID: 200585
EUR 1.40 12 mm - 20 Stück

Way more than you need (good for 5 Vario upgrades) but way cheaper than buying 10 or less, even if you can find a place that will sell you just a few.

Hope that helps. Trying to buy a second Vario so I'll have one for pourovers i the kitchen and another for my espresso setup. If I do I'll be making a thorough video of how I did it and what worked best from my experience. I found it difficult but when I figured a few things out I finally got it 95%.
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mrdunu wrote:Thanks for the prompt response! I performed the test twice, once placing the ink on the lower burrs only, and again placing the ink on the upper burrs only.

Great, I'll give WDT a crack :)

one important note when doing the wipe test is to not use much pressure, rather get the burrs to touch very lightly. If you use much pressure, it will be the pressure that flattens the burrs together, rather than actually aligned burrs. :D
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I performed the procedure months ago. Recently mine fell out of alignment. I discovered the machine screws had slipped loose. Next time it happens, I will source some thread locker.
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