Baratza Vario stalling in fine settings?

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Postby KEVIN204 » Apr 04, 2016, 11:48 pm

Hey guys I just got a new Baratza Vario and I've been running my old beans through it to season the burrs, I ground up 1 lb on the coarsest setting and it was fine. I filled the hopper with beans and slowly worked my way through the grind settings up until 3-A then it just stalled on me? If I single dose 18g at 2-Q the recommended starting point it stalls about half way through the grind, sounds like the beans are getting stuck. So I just turned it upside down and knocked the beans out and it worked again? It only stalls in the fine settings. I haven't even pulled a shot with it yet. Probably ran about 2lbs of beans through it only. I was excited to pull my first shots today then this happened so I'm kind of frustrated but thanks in advance for the replies ! :x :oops: :D


Postby bmorton » Apr 05, 2016, 9:16 am

The first thing I would try is a burr calibration as described on page 12 of the manual. This should be done without any beans in the grinder. If that doesn't help I would contact Baratza. Their customer service is excellent.