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dsc wrote:any info on the production models, did you get anything or are you still waiting?
The folks at Baratza said the production models shipped on Wednesday.
Dan Kehn

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shadowfax (original poster)

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Dan and I are both waiting on arrival, although Kyra from Baratza has confirmed that they went out last week. I am expecting it to come in this week.
Nicholas Lundgaard

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#123: Post by Lockman »

Anticipation! :lol:
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#124: Post by dsc »

Hi guys,

have you got the grinders already? I'm very curious (as you can see) how the production models are going to behave.


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#125: Post by HB »

No, but you'll be the second person to know.
Dan Kehn

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#126: Post by dsc »

Hi Dan,

it is taking a while I have to say, where are those grinders travelling from? I understand that all the production models were sent last week, that's including models sent to shops and online stores?

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#127: Post by greatphotos »

Chris's Coffee sent me an email to see if I still wanted my Vario grinder. I told them yes. They are shipping tomorrow (26th). Somehow I had the impression that the first units were being drop shipped directly from Baratza.

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#128: Post by weiv »

Same here. It looks like grinders will go to retailers first.

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#129: Post by IMAWriter »

zin1953 wrote:Hey, Rob -- if it's any consolation, I am MORE interested in the Baratza Vario than I am the Robur! How twisted is that??? OK, OK, there may be a survival instinct at play here: not only my wife would KILL me if I got a Robur (and being a Criminal Defense attorney, she might be able to get away with it, too!), but "upgrade-itis" hasn't hit me yet (again -- hallelujah!). That said, I'm very interested in the Vario as a second grinder to replace the Quick Mill Doserless . . .

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#130: Post by zin1953 » replying to IMAWriter »

I thought she was married to a home barista! Image Image :mrgreen:
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