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false1001 wrote:Can you post a picture of your new metal burr carriers?
The parts above the black plastic motor plate in the middle are Forte. The motor and the other parts are my old Vario. (The plastic motor plate is common part to the Vario and Forte, but not the adjusters.) Baratza part numbers for the Forte bits are:
- 1024 - metal threaded burr carrier;
- 1067 - threaded upper burr carrier, shorter wing.

Note that I had my Vario serviced by Baratza at the flat rate like Nuketopia did. Besides the new grind chamber, I needed a new belt(8077), pulley(8090), adjustment rocker(8045), knobs(2x8050), and a "PTC KRL204 0125 (Used in Vario's and Forte's)" (1182, no idea what the PTC ... is).