Baratza Single Dose Hopper - A Year On

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#1: Post by ohwhen »

Has anyone been using this since it came out? Curious to hear any long term use reviews or thoughts on it. I've been on the fence about getting one since it came out.
Baratza single dose hopper


#2: Post by GDK »

I had it for a few months and I really like it. I usually make 3 to 4 coffees at a time so I am practically in between single and triple dosing as my burr-aligned Baratza Forte AP has the ground by weight feature. Note that unlike the original hopper, this one has no metal ball with spring that helps it snap and stay in place, so after a couple of months the hopper would just turn a bit counterclockwise from the vibrations and that would release the protection switch and stop the grinder. I applied about 2 inch of black electrical tape to the hopper's base so that it fits snuggly - problem solved.

One last note - as the last few beans are being ground, there may be some popcorning (not familiar with the Sette) and while the shield catches most, a few would escape so you either put a hand on top of the hopper or have the lid on. I do the former.

ohwhen (original poster)

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Thanks very much for the reply! I should have clarified that if I purchased this, it would be for the Virtuoso that I use for pourover daily. The Sette hopper is designed differently (looking into 3D printed single dose hoppers for that).

Do you run your grinder before you put your beans in? If so, any issues with the smaller hopper?


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Is that about purging the few remaining beans or retained ground coffee? In either case, I do not run it unless I need to set the grinder to a finer setting as I always do that with no coffee in the system. Otherwise, having up to 1g of coffee from the previous run can hardly change the extraction or taste, even more true for pour over I would guess.

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No, Jonathan Gagne has found starting the motor before you let the coffee through results in a more uniform grind size.


#6: Post by Stavey »

Yes I use the single dose hopper on my Forte. It also works as a bellow to push all the grounds out . Essentially zero retention. Works great.


#7: Post by jcran17 »

I have been using a 3D printed version (link below) that has worked well with my Forte. I weigh the beans in the inner piece and then use it as sort of a bellow. Retention is pretty low to now with this version.


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I used baratzas single dose hopper on my virtuoso as well. I don't know what the complaints were about I found it completely fine. I liked it, it worked well for me. I used the lid as a quasi bellows which was effective. I didn't have static issues and liked the lid as a dosing cup too. Price is fair.

Would recommend, no issues from me!

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Excellent, thank you all!


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I use the single dose hopper on my Vario and it works great! Since installing it, I haven't gone back to the stock hopper, as it's big enough to make a full pot/Chemex of coffee. As it's intended, I use the top cap to weigh the beans, then simply pour them into the installed base, maybe add a few drops of water, and simply hit 'start'. Maybe I'll try starting the grinder while pouring next time, just to see if I get a more even grind as suggested above (although I haven't noticed it not being even). I also haven't experienced any issues with it loosening, as mentioned above. No complaints/worthwhile investment. :)