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Nice fix!

I hope Baratza is reading this thread and talking to their manufacturer.

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goodboyr wrote:Lol....that didn't last long. Worked great for a bit, now it reads 0 weight all the time. Guess I will call them.....but it will be a warranty call now. Very disappointing. However I'm sure that was the initial problem. Just not sure why it's reading zero with no error code. All connections seem fine.

It'll only be a "warranty call" at their mercy and discretion. You've hacked into and altered the grinder which no doubt voids any warranty protection offered by the manufacturer. While Baratza has excellent customer service and tends to take care of their customers, it's a bit of a stretch of the imagination that they're now forced to handle your case as a warranty matter.

Good luck either way, but this should serve as adequate warning for others thinking of doing the same. Read your manuals fine print before tearing into gear and modifying things on a new product still under warranty. Any other vendor would likely tell you you're on your own.


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Pommes wrote:As I already received my first broken Sette , I think chances for a second broken device are lower now:-)I love gambling and I will take the plunge. By the way:anyone here who had trouble with 2 Settes already?
My second Sette just broke. That makes two since Thanksgiving. I'm getting about 10 weeks per machine.


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What were the 2 failures? What is the model number of the most recent machine to fail?


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tonypc wrote:My second Sette just broke. That makes two since Thanksgiving. I'm getting about 10 weeks per machine.
How disappointing! May I ask what your routine is like with it? How many grams/shots per day?


#696: Post by IMAWriter » wrote: Rob doesn't have to prove anything, you can see his chamber is blocked with grounds, if it wasn't we'd be able to make out at least a few posts without light passing through.
No sir..bad cell phone photography. there is no coffee there, if you're referring to the area designated by the red indicators.
I don't appreciate you calling me a liar. You're welcome to come to Nashville, and watch me lower the burr assy.
BTW, who gave you the authority to tell folks what they can and cast post? Before this thread gets "chilled" I suggest we all step back, me included, and just move on to other things.

As it happens, and as Tom posted, Tom could be right regarding the "adjusting" or modifying of internal parts as it applies to the warranty, other than those specifically sent to the user from Baratza. For the users sake, I hope all will be well.
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This thread is really going off the rails. It has been for quite some time. I think it's time to take a break.