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Paulnicholas wrote:Bought the BG burr over a month ago with daily use and I've got to say that I am very frustrated. There are a significant amount of fines that drastically increase my v60 brew time. I've been using a sieve to remove some of the fines but is getting old quick. Love the Sette for espresso though. Can't agree with the Baratza website that suggests 9E for an espresso setting. I'm always in the 3-1 range even with the two shims. Anyone else with these issues!?!
I'm in the 5-6 range for espresso with two shims and I don't have any experience with the BG burr since I only make espresso.


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I'm also in the 5-6 range for espresso with two shims. BG burrs are okay for pourovers IMO, far prefer my Feldgrind for that range though.


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I'm in between 3-G and 3-C (adjusting due beans ageing), but no shims. Last night I was wondering if it would be nice to add one...